Health & well-being, mental health 1st aid, stress management

This extremely successful event was attended by over 90 branch members and the topic continues to be a popular one with members. The event demonstrated the extent of Sheree Williams’s passion and expertise in this area, and the depth of questioning of the speaker reflected the interest and concern from many attendees. We are sure that you will agree that the subject of health and wellbeing along with Mental Health 1st Aid is one that is close to all of our hearts.


This is why we as the South Wales branch are working closely with IOSH in order to ensure that all of our members have access to all available resources provided by IOSH such as:

Training programmes
Key study material
Resources and toolkits

We are also delighted with the level of engagement of our members who stayed on to discuss a wide range of topics relating to membership, and professional development. As always, the committee are happy to coach, guide and answer queries that are posed to them. We will not have a planned support session for professional and membership development at our next meeting in Swansea, but members of the committee will always be on hand to answer any queries and questions, so please do not hesitate to ask.


You can access Sheree’s and our membership development presentations via our recent events page


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