South Cumbria and North Lancashire Branch plan

Organisation of the Branch Committee

  1. Hold an AGM to elect the branch committee and to report on the previous year's activities
  2. Ensure that our branch IOSH accounts are up-to-date and comply with IOSH requirements
  3. Ensure that branch committee members understand and support the aims and objectives of our branch
  4. Encourage new members to join the branch committee
  5. Develop a branch succession plan with appropriate training and mentoring if required
  6. Support and comment on IOSH policies and initiatives as appropriate
  7. Hold joint meetings with South Cumbria Occupational Health & Safety Group (SCOHSG) committee members to promote links with local SMEs

Branch Meetings

  1. Organise joint monthly meetings with SCOHSG covering relevant health safety topics, including a works visit and a day seminar
  2. Liaise with other IOSH branches and groups to develop joint initiatives in our area, as appropriate
  3. Maintain membership attendance at meetings by organising an annual programme of meetings, on topics of interest to members, presented by good speakers with relevant expertise, including speakers from HSE and LA
  4. Provide a suitable gift for visiting speakers

Communication with members

  1. Ensure that the branch's programme is advertised to members with relevant health and safety information
  2. Keep our IOSH branch network pages up-to-date
  3. Provide members with IPD/CPD mentoring as required and organise an annual CPD workshop
  4. Provide health and safety information to members as required (principally about regulations and HSE guidance) including a loan library of up-to-date health and safety training CDs and books
  5. Support and provide appropriate publicity for health and safety initiatives initiated by IOSH, HSE, Local Authorities, RoSPA, Safety Groups UK, Trade Unions and BSC
  6. Draw members attention to local job opportunities if appropriate

Liaison with other safety groups and organisations

  1. Send representatives other IOSH and NWA meetings as appropriate
  2. Send representatives to local safety forums if appropriate and practicable
  3. Promote health and safety training initiatives for young people in our area such as the provision of training sessions for work experience school pupils and help with local the LOcHER initiatives
  4. Use local media to promote our branch's activities


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