Leading Safely from a CEO perspective

What an excellent evening; Mark Garvey CEO of Exyte Asia Pacific shared with us his CEO and Personal Perspective on Leadership and Safety; Leading from the Top with a vision, trusted values, integrity, and with passion from the heart compassing all the ethics of a leader. With Good and Sound Leadership; respect and change will follow. He asked us what is the job of the CEO - and answered himself by saying 'I am responsible' - with this Mark then shared his journey from a personal change that took place about 9 years ago when he attended a conference in the USA, where sharing of work ethics and practices opened doors of thoughts, through to the challenges of changing a work culture with in a huge organisation. Making Safety the way business is done, and because of this the business has grown exponentially in reputation, global growth and revenues. Safety is not a part of a business - it is the business and with this mindsets change. CEO's, Managers, Supervisors, and the front-line work force can all learn from a speaker such as Mark Garvey. We will look forward to inviting him back for another networking event soon.

Mark quoted Vince Lombardi - Perfection is not attainable; But if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Which resonated with many in the crowd, each of us left the evening inspired to lead and reflect on how we work with in our businesses as safety professional and leaders- while many thinking ‘ I wish I had a CEO boss like this!’