Branch reaches China and borders of Tibetan mountatins

24 July 2017

IOSH continues to support the voluntary medical team toward their tenth year mark in reaching out to the needy Tibetan villagers.

A medical team comprising of 4 medical practitioners and more than 20 volunteers from across Asia participated in this meaningful initiative, bringing Chinese and Tibetan traditional medical herbs and supplies to villagers living in the remote areas of China and borders of the Tibetan mountains.

This year IOSH Singapore branch is again being represented by executive committee member Seah Sok Hwee, bringing health and safety professional practice to the local community.

The remote villages suffers impact from the extreme weather this year as some of the roads and bridges were washed down in rain. Commuting to and from the medical stations becomes almost impossible and possibly threatens to deny their only access to medical help and food supplies.

I have witnessed children, youths, elders, women and men risked their lives, submerged their legs and bodies in the fierce running waters, throwing stones into the river, racing against time and tide to salvage the submerging roads and broken bridges. My heart goes out to the young ones when they work tirelessly with their little bare hands, the elders who carried stones while standing on their painful arthritis deformed legs, men and women who summoned great strength and team spirit fighting against the odds of nature.

Without proper roads, medical supplies would never be able to reach the needy ones. The volunteers now have a dream, a bigger dream. The dream of raising funds to rebuild roads and more rigid bridges for the villagers. Engineers and IOSH safety professional took the first step in assessing the sites and made our proposals. The first step in realising our common dream which we share with all local villagers. IOSH takes the lead at Dare To Dream, we believe that if you can dream it, you can do it!

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