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It’s a great honor to serve you as a chair for the 2020/21 chapter, despite the challenges that we are facing during this time related to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to assure all our members on behalf of the Executive Committee members that we will exert all possible efforts not only to achieve the set objectives for the year but to go beyond that.

We intend to do this by facilitating constructive discussion and learning on various areas of interest to our branch members on health and safety issues, devise effective means of communication with our members to keep them up to date with different activities, and provide a platform for sharing and exchange of experience and knowledge on different aspects related to occupational health and safety involving technology and business intelligence models.

One of the branch core objectives will focus on providing support and enabling access to continual professional development and IPD activities, and training workshops to all of our members in Qatar. Moreover, we have launched the initiative of reaching out to strategic partners; government entities, universities, and schools to collaborate in improving the awareness and knowledge in the areas of occupational health and safety.

One of the initiatives we are working on alongside is Effective collaboration through engaging with Middle East branches. Using the expertise of its members to improve safety performance and grow the reputation of IOSH in the region.
IOSH as a global leader keeps ahead of the times to identify emerging occupational health and safety challenges and ways to influence staff at work. Remaining focused on technology, workforce dynamics, and economic and other uncertainty due to issues like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Qatar Branch will play a significant role in disseminating information corporately about the vision for IOSH across its membership and are key to the engagement of the membership at all levels. As the new Chair, I see my role in driving the strategy through a set of objectives to ensure employees are treated equitably and have appropriate safe systems of work in a healthy work environment.
I am looking forward to working with the executive committee members and all our branch members and other branches to make the challenge posed by COVID-19 a success for our branch and the community around us.

Ahmed Elidrisy,
Chair 2020/2021
Qatar Branch


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