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Welcome from the Chair

A warm welcome to you all and may I offer you my personal greetings. Within the Branch of the Northwest, we have over 4000 members that we can reach out to and they can reach out to us, to join in our activities of which we have many, (have a glance at our plan for the forthcoming events). YOU, have my personal invitation to join us on any or all of them.

Within our large family of OSH professionals, we meet people who are from the Construction, Food, Aerospace, Education, Chemical, Nuclear and Textiles industries to name a few. The Branch also has the dedicated sector groups for Public Services and Health Care, however, we are all one, we share one belief and that is to look after others, whether that be responsible for a large organisation or a one-man-band.

Please, don’t just think of us as a Branch for the North West, albeit a big branch, we work collaboratively with all the other branches and we have connections not just in this country but others too. We have members of your committee who have been actively engaged in Branches far and wide across the world, for example, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries, including myself having worked with a branch in Australia. The world of OSH is the same here as it is anywhere, from Manchester to Sydney, and you can be involved. If you want to learn something new or even offer something to share with others, then come on in and have a look, it is free.

I personally see it as our job to help people realise, we are not the bad guys but the good guys, helping people to understand what is the safest way to work and go home in one piece at the end of every working day and on our days off too, health and safety doesn’t stop at the factory gates, does it?

We have presentations on legislation updates, human factors in a working environment, and other items such as wellbeing. We have had lectures on invasive species and field trips to a forensic science lab and to take part in a helicopter emergency crash landing, training session over water, each of our presentations or field trips are also eligible to be put against your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The Branch Districts and Sections all have someone that can offer advice on your progression through IOSH, and if we can’t help you, we will always know someone who can. We have several members of your committee who are involved in other recognised groups, such as LOSHG (look this up it’s the oldest OSH group in Britain).

My personal pride is not just being the Chair of IOSH Manchester Branch & Northwest Districts, (although I am obviously immensely proud of that fact) it is being a member of an organisation that may one day give me and you that nugget of information that could save someone’s life, so please come, and join us for our meeting usually the First Tuesday of every month except December.

Thomas Beswick-Brown

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Any general queries please email the committee on manchesterandnorthwest@ioshnetworks.com
Any queries for Membership please email csc@iosh.com

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