Fire Risk Management Section

Welcome to the newly formed Isle of Man Branch Fire Risk Management Network.

Our main objective is to improve health and safety standards in respect to Fire Safety and Fire Risk Management on the Isle of Man. We aim to hold a minimum of four meetings a year on key safety issues in respect to Fire Safety and Fire Risk Management. Our meetings are open to anyone who can help improve safety in this area of activity. Non-IOSH members are always welcome. Our focus is on promoting a practical approach to health and safety.

Executive Member: David Randle
David started his career with Randles Accumulator Company in the late sixties at an Electrical Contractors and manufacturers of hand made lead acid batteries.

Setting up his own company; Randles Limited, approx 25 years ago, the company are Fire Alarm Engineers who install, test and maintain fire alarms. David's company are also Part P Certified Electrical Contractors.