Water Safety

The Branch recently invited The Water Hygiene Centre to present to us on the 5 Top Tips to Water Safety. As a follow up to this, they have sent us some really useful articles to consider as lockdown restrictions begins to ease.

What effect will Hybrid working have on Water Quality

As lockdown rules are easing across much of the UK, many business are now considering hybrid working.  Recent studies have shown that many do not want to return to working full time in their old work places and have found working from home to be effective. But what effect will this have on water hygiene now that your water systems are not being used fully? The Water Hygiene Centre have produced a blog highlighting some of the areas of concern and offer some insight in ways to provide a safe environment to those returning to the workplace.  Please click on the link above to read more. 

Post Lockdown Re-occupation of Properties

As lockdown finally starts to ease are you to prepared for the reoccupation of your properties? For each property / water system, a recommissioning plan should be detailed. The number of steps in this plan will vary depending on the complexity and size of the water systems and importantly on the people who will be using these systems, this includes those undertaking the recommissioning works.  In order to formulate a plan we have prepared a blog with some essential water hygiene factors consider.