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Welcome to the IOSH Chiltern Branch, a dedicated community committed to creating a safe and healthy world of work. Our mission is to drive excellence in the occupational safety and health (OSH) profession, while ensuring the well-being of individuals and promoting social sustainability.

With a focus on IOSH charitable objects, we actively promote systematic and organised methods of improving OSH, advocating for their application in workplaces.

Our branch serves as a hub for information exchange and collaboration. We connect professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a supportive environment for the sharing of insights, experiences, and innovative ideas. Through these connections, we contribute to the continuous improvement of OSH standards, both locally and globally.

Maintaining and improving professional standards is at the core of our mission. As the IOSH Chiltern Branch, we adhere to world-class standards for OSH practitioners. We offer events and webinars that empower our members to develop their skills and expertise continually. By upholding these high standards, we ensure that our members are recognised and trusted for their ability to create safe and healthy workplaces.

As the IOSH Chiltern Branch, our strategic objectives align with the IOSH vision for the future. We aim to be a leading authority in OSH, maximising our influence and impact. Through our efforts, we drive action from those who can influence global OSH standards, inspiring positive change and promoting excellence in the field.

We also champion the role of OSH in social sustainability. By emphasising the well-being of workers and advocating for the integration of OSH principles, we contribute to the success of businesses and the betterment of society as a whole.

Through our diverse network and continuous professional development opportunities, we connect professionals, enabling them to develop and thrive in their OSH careers. By fostering collaboration and creating a culture of ongoing learning, we contribute to the growth of the OSH community and advance the profession collectively.

Welcome to the IOSH Chiltern Branch, where we work together to create a safe and healthy world of work. Join us on this journey of excellence, knowledge-sharing, and professional growth as we drive positive change and make a lasting impact in occupational safety and health.

Introducing Activate 2028

IOSH’s five-year strategy is all about action – and the whole occupational safety and health profession coming together to create better working lives. It’s about building on what we’ve achieved so far and progressing, supporting and celebrating our profession. Read more about Activate 2028 and how it will impact you, our extraordinary members.

Strategy work and achievements so far

IOSH Chiltern Branch Strategy 2019/20

Our strategy is aligned with IOSH Work 2022. We have the following aims and objectives for the coming season:

Enhance our profession by

  • Offering general topics members request
  • Providing IPD clinics over lunch
  • Using sessions to encourage problem-solving by mixing experience and utilising the skills in the room
  • Promoting non-technical skills so we apply our message in an enabling and positive manner


  • We will encourage links between strategic partners
  • Welcome our regulating partners
  • Liaise with other IOSH groups and branches
  • Reach out to local business
  • Promote active networking
  • Grow the branch by providing a great experience
  • Be outward-looking


  • We will use social media platforms to reach out to colleagues throughout the UK and globally
  • Expand our twitter and LinkedIn following
  • Be a local voice on OSH for the community we serve
  • Support global or visiting members


Disclaimer: The information and opinions expressed on this webpage are those of the author at the time of writing and not necessarily those of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).