Caribbean Branch - vision, mission, aims and objectives

"To be the premier advocate of health and safety at work in the Caribbean"

As the regional body of IOSH our mission is to:

  • be the definitive voice of health and safety at work and provide consultation on health and safety issues
  • support Caribbean institutions in achieving IOSH accreditation for their respective health and safety programs
  • advance high standards for the health and safety practitioner
  • champion pragmatic risk management based on professional advice
  • be a resource for health and safety competency development
  • support our members to be advocates of health and safety in our communities.

The aims of the IOSH Caribbean Branch are to:

  • promote and support the aims and objectives of IOSH
  • encourage continuous health and safety improvement in the Caribbean by providing access to guidance from suitably qualified, experienced and competent safety practitioners
  • promote the health and safety of people at work as a moral obligation
  • develop relationships with government and non-government organizations in the Caribbean, who share a common interest in the provision of safe work
  • promote awareness of global topical health, safety and environmental issues.

In pursuance of its mission and aims, the IOSH Caribbean Branch objectives are to:

  • develop mechanisms that will allow discussion and shared learning on varied and topical HSE issues among health and safety practitioners in the Caribbean
  • create opportunities for members to pursue Continual Professional Development
  • provide and maintain effective means of communication that will allow members in other Caribbean islands to participate in branch activities in real time
  • be recognised as a competent and interested stakeholder for consultation in the development of health and safety legislation in the Caribbean.


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