Renewable Energy and Climate Action: Reflection and Opportunity for the HSE Professional

The topic chosen for the October 2020, virtual session was Renewable Energy and Climate Action: Reflection and Opportunity for the HSE Professional. The presentation was facilitated by Mr. Brendon James. Brendon, has over 21 years' experience in the energy sector, with his industry experience spanning along the natural gas value chain (drilling and workover operations, exploration and production, refining and marketing, asset management and integrity as well as the power and utilities divisions).

During the opening remarks, an overview of the topic was provided, along with details related to the research conducted on the subject, including key conversations with professionals in fields such as finance and oil and gas. The presenter noted that, at this time, low energy prices, falling demand for energy products, increased global competition in LNG, reduction in economic growth in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) that was driving demand for energy and climate change are being experienced all at the same time.

The presenter highlighted the fact that it has become critical for HSE professionals to discuss and reflect on the drivers of these changes, understand its nature and structure and identify where their business strategies can support the industrial sector in navigating these difficult times. The material presented included a review of energy prices, government policy, market analysis, disruptive technology and the role of the HSE Professional in improving energy efficiency and building carbon solutions.

Mr. James emphasized that the challenge is for those that understand the climate risks to now make the economic case for an environmental focus for business. The case for environmental emphasis was underscored by the use of powerful examples such as the devastating effects of increased flooding. In discussing the issues at hand, many of the possible solutions or mitigation measures were reviewed including the use of renewable energy, microgrids and changes in government policies.

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