Presentation of the branch’s strategy and work plan

2018 -2019 term and discussion on the results of the branch survey

The Caribbean Branch hosted its Branch Meeting at the Cara Suites Hotel and Conference Centre, Claxton Bay, Trinidad, on Friday 27th July 2018. The evening began with a short networking session where members of the Executive Committee took time to meet and greet members and non-members attending.

The meeting was presided by the new Chair of the IOSH Caribbean Branch – Mr. Jason Maitland. At the official start of the meeting, Mr. Maitland gave a warm welcome to the attendees and then invited the other members of the newly appointed Executive Committee to introduce themselves. Immediately following this, the Chair began his presentation with a safety moment on the Piper Alpha disaster which occurred 30 years ago in the North Sea. Piper Alpha is regarded as the worst oil and gas disaster in terms of loss of life and brought with it important lessons that would change the face of health and safety management.

In January 2018, a member’s survey was conducted to solicit feedback for improving branch meetings and professional development opportunities. The Chair’s presentation highlighted the results of the survey in which there were 23 respondents out of the 147 members. Feedback on several areas were discussed including topics of interest, member opinions on meeting venues, factors that prevent members from attending meetings, preference for meeting time as well as day of the month and factors that would encourage greater attendance at meetings among other areas. The Chair also compared the results of the current survey to the previous data, highlighting areas where improvements were made from feedback received at that time.

IOSH updates were then presented, highlighting some key developments such as the launching of IOSH for Business, the development of the mentoring scheme framework, the imminent launch of student membership in September 2018 and the status of the Caribbean Branch one-day conference to be held in November 2018. The chair also apprised members of the Safety, Health and Environment Technician Apprenticeship programme, launched in June 2018 as well as the IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Health and Safety for Business. The soon to be launched new IOSH website was also discussed and the chair highlighted the objective of making information, tools and resources more accessible to users.

Subsequent to the abovementioned discussions, the Branch Strategy and Work Plan for the 2018 – 2019 term were presented. Mr. Maitland began by first recalling the mission, aims and objectives of the branch. The 6 main objectives of the Strategic Plan were shown along with a summary of a Work Plan for achieving these objectives in the current term. The Work Plan had been revisited at a separate meeting of the Executive Committee in June 2018 and was initially developed under the stewardship of the previous chair.

The Chair went on to communicate that the Branch was considering establishing three sub-committees – Events, Membership and Education and these were seen as instrumental in delivering the objectives of the Branch. Additionally, there will be opportunities for members to volunteer and work with the executive on important projects.

The linkage between the Branch’s strategy and IOSH’s Work 2022 strategy were discussed and a brief 2-minute video featuring the latest on Work 2022 was shown. A short workshop session was held where attendees were given the opportunity to offer feedback on the work plan, highlight additional areas where improvements can be made and to put forward ideas that could progress the branch.

The evening ended with further networking among the practitioners attending.