Industry site visit at National Gas Company (NGC)

Phoenix Park Valve Station and Slug Catcher

23 September 2017

Site Supervisor, Michael Babb (2nd from right), leading tour of facility with IOSH Caribbean Branch members

The National Gas Company (NGC) hosted the IOSH Caribbean Branch at a site visit to their Phoenix Park Valve Station and Slug Catcher facility on Saturday 23rd September 2017. The visit was made possible by Mr. Curt Cadet, Chair of the CB and Senior Manager - HSSE at the NGC.

NGC, Operations Co-ordinator, Mr. Michael Babb, led the tour of this critical facility in NGC's pipeline network, for the transmission and distribution of natural gas to its Point Lisas Industrial Estate and power generation customers. Mr. Babb indicated that the facility is capable of processing two billion standard cubic feet (2bcf) of natural gas per day and is a critical link between NGC's transmission and distribution network. The facility knocks out the liquids entrained in the gas stream before sending the gas to sister company Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd, where the gas is processed and sent back to NGC for distribution. The facility is also designed to receive the 'pigs' injected into the transmission lines upstream for pigging (cleaning) the lines.

IOSH CB Members got a first-hand view of the safety measures employed to control and mitigate the risks associated with this type of facility including the risks of fire and explosion.

As part of the Branch's strategic initiatives, the intent of this exercise was to give IOSH CB Members the opportunity for exposure to the operational aspects and safety measures employed in various industrial sectors.

Mr. Curt Cadet, Chair, concluded the exercise by thanking Mr. Babb and his team for accommodating the IOSH CB and all members for attending and supporting the Branch's initiatives.

He also encouraged other members to host site visits at their respective companies. Interested members can furnish their details by emailing caribbean@ioshnetworks.co.uk