CPD/IPD Workshop

The Caribbean Branch hosted its first CPD/IPD workshop of 2019 at the School of Business and Computer Science, San Fernando Campus on Friday, 22nd March, 2019. The session was opened by the Chair, Mr. Jason Maitland CMIOSH, as he invited the members present to engage each other and network with their fellow OSH Practitioners. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Navin Ragoo CMIOSH (Professional Development Officer –IOSH CB), Mr. Anthony Rocheford CFIOSH (Professional Development Officer –IOSH CB) and Mr. Jason Maitland CMIOSH (Chair – IOSH CB). Members were also able to view the evening’s presentation online, via Zoom.

The meeting officially commenced at 6:00pm, with Mr. Jason Maitland CMIOSH, beginning the evening’s session with a focus on CPD. The discussion included the CPD requirements at the various levels of IOSH membership, types of CPD entries, CPD entry content, as well as suggested timelines for adding CPD entries to ensure that the record is kept up-to-date. Mr. Maitland reiterated that CPD entries do not only consist of certification type courses but rather can include any source of learning and development such as attendance at health and safety conferences, participation in audits and webinars among several other options.


Mr. Navin Ragoo CMIOSH, continued the evening’s presentation on CPD, focusing first on the content of CPD entries. Mr. Ragoo also provided practical advice on time management and appropriate update of the CPD record. The use of the CPD annual planner was discussed with the attendees as a useful method of managing their CPD records by offering a structured approach to do so.

Mr. Navin Ragoo CMIOSH, presenting on CPD


Emphasis was placed on the quality of activity reflective statements as these can be regarded as the most important part of the CPD entry. Mr. Ragoo explained the essential components of a good reflective statement, pointing out that it should include what the activity was, why the activity was done, what was gained, challenges experienced and how this activity will benefit the member in the future. Time was also spent offering clarification on the various routes to attaining chartered member status as well as the requirements for progressing through the various levels of IOSH membership.

Mr. Anthony Rocheford CFIOSH, presenting on IPD

Mr. Rocheford presented on the IPD process and the of the elements of the Skills Development Portfolio (SDP). Guidance was provided on the five elements of the SDP and the options for the seven criteria which must be chosen from these elements. The presenter gave members practical advice on choosing suitable criteria that are applicable to their field of work. Portfolio assessment, CPD audits and peer reviews were also discussed.

Mr. Rocheford, together with the other workshop facilitators reiterated their availability and willingness to support members with respect to both CPD and IPD. At the end of the session, participants were allowed the opportunity to have their questions answered and acquire clarification on CPD and IPD, where required.