Our branches

We have branches and districts around the globe, supported and driven by committees of member volunteers. Our network of branches strengthens the relationship between IOSH and the global health and safety community at a local level.

What are the benefits of joining a branch?

  • Valuable networking opportunities through attendance at branch meetings.
  • Free or low-cost branch meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars and site visits.
  • The chance to promote health and safety in your local area.
  • Your own personal development; building and maintaining your professional status.
  • The chance to network with health and safety professionals near you.

Take a look at each branches activities, events, strategy and committee and much more.

Important changes to the AGM, nomination and election process 

As the global pandemic continues to disrupt the way that we would normally do things IOSH has taken measures to enable branches, districts and sections to be able to hold their AGMs and conduct elections on a virtual platform in a safe, fair and effective way. 

Find out more about how you can join a branch, district or section Executive Committee. There is also more information about branch AGMs on our Volunteer Portal.