Membership categories

Find out which type of membership is right for you.

There are seven IOSH membership categories so you can choose the route that’s right for you and your career progression. You’ll join IOSH as either an Affiliate Member or a Student Member. Your experience, qualifications and aspirations will then determine how you progress.

Prices are valid until March 2024.

Student member

If you are currently studying for a career in occupational safety and health, you can become an IOSH Student Member. We can support you throughout your studies with the tools that will increase your post-study employability and give you the competitive edge in the workplace. 

IOSH Student Membership has a one-time fee of £15 that covers the duration of your studies. 

Find out more about student membership

Affiliate member

Affiliate membership is open to anyone actively engaged in or considering a career in safety, health and wellbeing or who has an active interest in the OSH sector and wants to connect to a global health and safety support network. 

Associate member (AIOSH)

To progress to an Associate Member, you’ll be able to show commitment to health and safety and have a clear understanding of health and safety through a nationally recognised, IOSH-accredited qualification. Either you are not currently operating as a practitioner or adviser or have just started your career in the field and do not yet meet the experience requirements to move up to Technical membership.

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Technical member (TechIOSH)

If you're a qualified and experienced practitioner, you can move up to Technical Membership. 

This level recognises both the qualifications and experience needed by professionals working in a range of operational health and safety roles. To maintain your status as a Technical Member and keep your skills, knowledge and experience up to date, you’ll join our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and will be required to maintain your CPD record.

Technical membership requires a Level 3 qualification. See more about membership qualifications.

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Graduate member (GradIOSH)

Graduate Members have achieved a recognised and relevant degree-level qualification and are working towards the goal of Chartered status.

Most Graduate Members achieve Chartered status within five years of entering the category (an additional two years may be awarded on request to members who meet the eligibility criteria).

As a Graduate Member, you will be required to maintain your continuing professional development (CPD) record.

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Chartered member (CMIOSH)

IOSH is the only organisation in the world that offers Chartered membership to health and safety practitioners.

We can help you achieve the highest professional standards and gain international recognition.

All Chartered Members need to maintain a CPD record.

We have closed IPD and paused all routes to Chartered membership until our new Professional Development Assessment and Experiential Route enrolment processes open in 2023. We will publish full details of these new routes closer to the launch date.

If you’re a Graduate Member already enrolled on the scheme, you will receive full support to complete the process and attain Chartered status.

On renewal, if you have transferred to a Chartered Member, you'll pay a membership fee of £185.

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Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH)

Chartered Fellowship is IOSH’s highest level of professional membership. Fellowship is only awarded to Chartered Members of at least five years’ standing who demonstrate an outstanding dedication to the profession by going ‘above and beyond’. They are role models for other members, their organisations and the occupational safety and health community. They're committed to promoting and leading the highest standards in the OSH profession and to developing themselves and others.

You can only become a Chartered Fellow after gaining Chartered status so we will support you to do this. On renewal, if you have transferred to a Chartered Fellow, you'll pay a membership fee of £203.

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Ready to join IOSH?

You can apply for membership quickly and securely online. Click the button below to start your application on the iosh.co.uk website.

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If you would prefer not to join as a member online, you can download an application form to send in by post. We also accept BACs payment or card payment over the phone. 

If you'd like to know more about our membership categories and find out which is right for you, please email our Membership team or call +44 (0)116 350 0800.

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