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IOSH Mentoring

Peer-to-peer learning for safety and health professionals

Do you want to identify gaps in your knowledge and learn from an experienced OSH professional? Maybe you want to improve your leadership, communication and coaching skills?

If so you can sign up to the IOSH mentoring platform, as either a mentor or mentee. Both roles will allow you to maintain your CPD and increase your future employability.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a method of helping an individual reflect, learn and develop professionally through the support of someone with more or different experience.

A mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial. The mentee gains experience, knowledge and confidence. The mentor develops leadership and communication skills.

The three different styles of mentoring that we offer provide unique learning outcomes for all members at a range of career stages, abilities and requirements.

Career development mentoring

You would like to offer or receive support and guidance around career development. This could range from identifying specific skills or knowledge for development, increasing confidence or being specifically industry or task related.

You can personalise the objectives and goals that you wish to achieve following your first discussion via the platform messaging or video call option.

Reverse mentoring

Reverse mentoring is when a less-experienced professional mentors a more experienced professional. So the mentor becomes the mentee and vice versa.

It encourages the exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding from a different perspective and regardless of seniority. It can kick-start creative thinking and close the skills gap for both parties.

Reverse mentoring empowers you to learn from and understand views and lived experiences less known to you.

Peer to peer mentoring

Peer to peer mentoring is for you if you're looking to connect with an individual working at a similar job level or career stage, but potentially in a different function or industry to:

  • support one another through similar challenges,
  • gain an alternative perspective on how to approach your work,
  • to share your own experiences.

You are likely to face similar challenges and your peer mentor will be more closely aligned with understanding or relating to your strains and obstacles.

Peer to peer mentoring encourages a give-and-take dynamic, where both participants offer advice and learn from each other in a positive and productive way.

Find out more about how IOSH mentoring works or register as a mentee and/or mentor on the IOSH mentoring platform.

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