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How IOSH support fund changes lives

Imagine having neck pain so bad you have to take a 20-minute break every quarter of an hour of your working day. Even aside from the chronic pain, just think how frustrating that would be, how much it would limit your potential and what it might do to your mental health.

That was the reality for ‘Molly’ (not her real name), a London-based corporate health and safety consultant who was trapped by the fact her condition wouldn’t allow her to do enough work to earn the money she needed to invest in the  Display Screen Equipment (DSE) that could free her up to work for longer.

Thankfully, she applied to the IOSH Benevolent Fund and was granted her request within a month, so she got the DSE she needed. This has made the world of difference to Molly.

Her story is just one example of how the Benevolent Fund has made a difference to people’s lives. Then there’s the story of ‘Sally’ (again, not her real name), a 35-year-old health and safety student who was struggling to pay her rent after leaving her Jamaican home to study in northern England (see case studies giving full details of both Sally’s and Molly’s stories).

Since it was formed, nearly 20 years ago, the IOSH Benevolent Fund has invested over £32,000 in more than 60 members who have found themselves going through a particularly tough time.

There are so many ways in which the Fund can help. You might need support to change your career direction after a prolonged period of ill-health; perhaps redundancy and extended unemployment has left you needing a laptop and printer to help drive your job search; or as the partner of a former IOSH member, you may welcome some help with their funeral costs. The Fund could be there to support you.

“Of course, the Fund wouldn’t be able to do a great deal without its donors,” says IOSH Chief Executive Bev Messinger.

“IOSH and all its members who have benefited from the Fund over the past 20 years are very grateful for their continued support. Indeed, all our 47,000 members in over 130 countries will be grateful to them because none of us can ever be sure when we might face personal hardship and serious difficulty, through no fault of our own,” she added.

“Thank goodness for initiatives like the IOSH Benevolent Fund. As a current or former member, or past member of IOSH staff, it’s there for you. If you need to use it, make sure you do so.”

If you’re an IOSH member, find out more and apply now for support from the fund. Alternatively, you can donate to the fund to help fellow IOSH members.

Some quotes from our case studies

"The application form was quite simple to complete and the whole process was fairly quick.  We were delighted to hear that our application had been successful and the Benevolent Fund had granted us £1,700, which meant that we could purchase the wheelchair." - Read more

"I was really very grateful for this help, especially as I could see the Fund had changed its policy to make it possible" - Read more

“Getting support from the IOSH Benevolent Fund has meant I can work much more comfortably and for longer, with fewer breaks,” says Molly." - Read more