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Omni Lam

IOSH membership gives employers confidence

Omni Lam has progressed from Student through Certified to Chartered status with IOSH in just over two years. It’s an outstanding achievement for the young, Hong Kong-based occupational safety and health (OSH) professional.

Having studied philosophy at university, Omni was drawn to OSH as it’s a profession “needed by every industry”.

“The skills and knowledge required for OSH are valuable in all industries and highly transferable,” he said.

A year into his career, Omni realised the importance of obtaining professional recognition. He joined IOSH as a Student Member in May 2019 while studying for an IOSH-accredited MSc in Health, Safety and Risk Management, via distance learning, at Robert Gordon University in the UK.

His most valued member benefit was – and still is – IOSH Magazine, which he reads for the latest industry news and knowledge.

“I am always updated and know what is happening in the world,” said Omni.

As soon as he was eligible, in September 2019 Omni progressed to his next member grade – CertIOSH (Certified Member) – supported through the process by IOSH.

“I did this by completing a postgraduate diploma in health, safety and risk management, before I finished my master’s degree,” he said. “CertIOSH status helped me to convince my employer and clients that my education in OSH was recognised.”

Chartered membership was Omni’s next goal – which he achieved in July.

“As a junior professional, obtaining globally recognised professional status is important to me, and this is how I can showcase my commitment to OSH,” he said.

“Being able to use the CMIOSH post-nominals feels like one of the biggest achievements of my career so far.

“But even before this, my commitment to working through my Initial Professional Development (IPD) made my employer and interviewers feel confident that I am developing in my OSH career and keeping up to date with industry developments.”

Omni’s role is as the Regional Health, Safety and Environmental Co-ordinator at StockX, which sees him oversee the company’s EHS matters in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

“The most enjoyable part of my job is the process of defining OSH best practice by knowing how OSH works in different places, as well as their standards and requirements. This is how I can compare and align best practice.”

Ambition-wise, Omni hopes by having more global exposure he can impact more workplaces to build a robust safety culture.

He added: “An OSH career can be very meaningful, as it potentially saves lives and prevents injury. Sometimes it just feels good to see everyone leave the workplace safely and go home.”

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