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Initial Professional Development (IPD)

Join our route to Chartered membership

IPD is a route our Certified Members can take to progress to Chartered status. It includes an assessment process, continuing professional development (CPD) review and Peer Review Interview (PRI). Chartered status shows employers, recruiters, customers and peers you’re at the top of your game.

Benefits of Chartered membership

IOSH is the only organisation in the world that offers Chartered membership to health and safety professionals. It carries the same benefits as Chartered status in other professions, which include:

  • improve your ability to influence decision-makers
  • gain international recognition
  • work on an equal footing with other professionals
  • increase your employability.

How can you get there?

There are currently three IPD routes available. We will advise you which route is applicable, based on the qualification you submitted to reach Certified status.

  1. Certified Member with a level 6 degree or diploma.
  2. Certified Member with a level 6 NVQ/scenario assessment/portfolio-style qualification.
  3. Certified Member with a non-accredited degree.

How long does it take?

You will have two years to complete the assessment stage (Electronic Skills Development Portfolio and/or Electronic Open Assessment) – otherwise you will have to register for the appropriate route. Some members achieve Chartered status within six to nine months.

We will inform you, via email, that you have completed the first stage of your IPD, and your CPD will be audited shortly after. Once you pass your CPD Review, we’ll send you an email to book your PRI – the final step.

  • CPD programme
  • Financial support