Managing Sustainably

Beyond compliance, understanding a socially sustainable world of work

What has changed about how the business world sees OSH?

Occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals have always been concerned about workers’ exposure to physical hazards and risks. They have devised processes and systems to prevent workplace injury and ill-health. In recent years they have been looking increasingly at the related issue of how employers treat their workers.

Public consciousness is also growing about what organisations produce and how they make their products and deliver services. It is expected that workers should be valued and treated fairly, as well as protected from physical harm.

Covid-19 was a watershed for the way in which we view work, with a new awareness of the importance of OSH. Social sustainability is becoming a key topic in business.

IOSH’s Catch the Wave initiative identifies a clear business demand to explore this concept.

Why social sustainability is necessary for business success 

IOSH’s new training course responds practically to these trends. Managing Sustainably: Beyond compliance, understanding a socially sustainable world of work is our new OSH training course with a core focus on social sustainability.

An organisation’s brand and reputation may depend on perceptions of how well it respects its workers’ health and wellbeing.

This will affect:

  • its attractiveness to investors
  • its appeal to customers and
  • its interest to future workers.

A successful business must take social sustainability seriously. 

How Managing Sustainably can help to transform businesses

In this course, participants will learn techniques and methods to carry out social sustainability programmes in their organisations.

They will learn that complying with health and safety legislation is just a first step. A modern business that wants long-term success must invest in its human capital – its workforce.

Managing Sustainably helps businesses to take that next step. It recognises the need to put people at the heart of business strategy and planning. 

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Who is Managing Sustainably for?

The course is designed for:

  • managers and supervisors at all levels who may or may not be OSH specialists
  • OSH specialists who have a remit for sustainability.

Managing Sustainably will prepare participants to play a part in creating and maintaining a workplace culture that values people and their communities, as well as the physical environment.

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Top 5 business benefits of Managing Sustainably

By applying the principles learned on the course:

  1. customer loyalty will deepen as your organisation shows how it values its staff
  2. prospective customers are more likely to switch from a competitor
  3. you will be able to attract investors because of your commitment to managing sustainably
  4. course participants will give your business a systematic approach to long-term sustainability
  5. you will inspire employees to be more productive when they see how you value their safety, health and wellbeing.

Top 5 individual benefits of Managing Sustainably 

The professional gains for individuals attending the course include:

  1. an enhanced motivation and awareness of their role to influence long-term organisational change
  2. greater professional visibility within the organisation
  3. improved confidence to contribute at a strategic level
  4. a clear understanding of the concepts of human capital and social sustainability
  5. the ability to apply these concepts in an organisational context.

About Managing Sustainably: Beyond compliance, understanding a socially sustainable world of work

This is the newest addition to IOSH’s portfolio of OSH training courses, which includes Working Safely, Managing Safely® and Leading Safely.

Why Managing Sustainably

“Organisations and communities worldwide cannot be sustainable without good OSH. The work of the OSH professional is inextricably linked to social sustainability. Protecting workers from harm at work leads to healthier and more productive workforces that can navigate the complex world in which we find ourselves, where the only constant is change.”

Louise Hosking
IOSH President

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