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Corporate Risk Essentials

What is Corporate Risk Essentials?

The IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials equips CEO's, Board Members and Executive Directors to understand, plan and implement a risk management culture as part of your organisation’s governance. Intensive, practical and activity based, it will give them the skills to devise truly sustainable strategies for a rapidly changing world of work.

This insightful and rigorous programme will future proof your organisation – building structural and cultural resilience, and creating the conditions for continuing growth.

Who is it for?

Corporate Risk Essentials is aimed at CEO, Board Members and Executive Directors

What to expect? 

Corporate Risk Essentials brings theory to life, applying practical activities throughout the programme. Fast-paced and packed with vital insights, this executive leadership masterclass will help you to build your knowledge and develop skills that will directly improve daily operations.

Why choose Corporate Risk Essentials?

Energetic, engaging and built for delivery, this masterclass has been developed for businesses that recognise the need for action. Using ISO 3100 principles, it provides direction for integrating risk-based decision making into your organisation’s governance.

It will enable your most senior people to harness their skills and experience to analyse threat and to develop strategic, effective and practical responses.

This masterclass will demonstrate those theories in action through an intensive, practical and activity-based programme. Fast-paced and packed with vital insights, this masterclass will help delegates to build their knowledge and develop their skills in a manner that will be directly applicable in their day-to-day roles.

Business benefits

Corporate Risk Essentials will help your organisation:

  • confidently embrace changes in the world of work
  • repurpose risks as opportunities
  • set targets, strategise and explore the vital ‘what ifs?’ 
  • instil resilience, enhanced productivity and growth opportunities
  • deliver an unmistakable competitive advantage, now and in the future

What next?

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