Corporate Governance

There is growing recognition that health and safety is essential to building a successful and sustainable business.

Good governance of an organisation’s occupational safety and health management system is, therefore, an important dimension of business success.

IOSH Corporate Governance explores ways in which occupational safety and health can be integrated into an organisation’s existing corporate governance arrangements. Developing key elements of exemplary governance in safety and health is particularly timely, as organisations embark on embedding the international standard on occupational safety and health management systems, ISO 45001, into their business. This course is a stepping stone to complete Leading Safely.

Why should you invest in safety and health?

IOSH means business is an online hub which gives you access to advice and information in why you should invest in health and safety, and achieve great results. You can also view the healthy profit which looks into how investments in safety, health and wellbeing are giving businesses the edge.

These benefits come from Corporate Governance, and giving you this knowledge can allow you to make a change and dramatically improve your business.

Who is Corporate Governance for? 

  • Members of company boards and other governing bodies
  • Company secretaries
  • Non-executive directors
  • Senior decision-makers 
  • Business leaders 

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Why choose Corporate Governance

  • This is a universal product 
  • This workshop covers the key governance elements and differentiates from other products in the market 
  • You will be given a certificate after completion
  • The product is versatile and focuses on more than one aspect of the business

What to expect 

This executive leadership masterclass consists of a single three and a half hour workshop in which an IOSH-approved facilitator provides advice, guidance and consultancy services to your board members as a collective, supported by a set of learning materials. 

Business benefits 

Corporate Governance will help your organisation:

  • Increase attractiveness to investors 
  • Increase visibility of corporate conduct 
  • Promote good OSH standards 
  • Prepare for non-financial reporting 
  • Prepare to embed the ISO 45001 standard to manage OSH risks effectively 
  • Move towards the concept of a human-centred organisation

Delegate benefits 

By attending the masterclass, you’ll be able to:

  • ask the right questions to effectively examine safety and health reports and papers
  • provide assurance that the existing corporate governance arrangements either are or should be modified to meet OSH obligations 
  • use principles of corporate governance to improve corporate OSH governance through an integrated approach
  • highlight success factors in corporate OSH governance for better planning
  • use your awareness of ISO 45001 and international standards on sustainability that are relevant to corporate OSH governance 
  • understand how to evaluate strategic strengths and weaknesses in corporate OSH governance

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