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Get your training course IOSH-approved

What is an IOSH-approved course?

If you are a training provider, delivering an IOSH-approved course means we can help you enhance your existing training course. The IOSH brand stands for excellent products, high quality standards and thought leadership in safety and health.

There are several reasons why you should get your course IOSH approved:

  • course content containing relevant health and safety information
  • courses pitched at the appropriate level
  • courses that meet the highest standards for trainer competence and course quality
  • unrivalled opportunities for your organisation’s growth and development.

"We really liked the idea of IOSH approval to set our course apart from the masses of safety and health training out there.” - Mark Wheeldon, Commercial Director, ACT National Ltd

There are two ways in which you can deliver an IOSH approved training course:

  1. We can assess your training course against our standards. If successful, you will be able to use the IOSH logo as demonstration of the same high standards we use ourselves. This applies to face-to-face or e-learning courses.
  2. You can tailor one of IOSH’s standard titles such as Managing Safely® or Environment for Business. The course can cover a specific industry, for example construction, or a specific organisation. You can also adapt it to a particular job role or part of the world. See our complete list of courses suitable for tailoring.

Honda develops and delivers an IOSH tailored course

This video looks at how we have worked with Honda to help deliver a tailored safety and health course. It also shows how a tailored course can create an engaging and valuable learning experience.


Ready to get your course approved by IOSH?

Before applying to get your course approved, you can check that your course is ready for review using our standards and approval criteria.

To discuss further, call us on +44 (0)116 257 3194 or email the tailored course team.