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Get your qualification IOSH-accredited

For higher education institutions and awarding organisations

Why do we do this?

IOSH improves competency in the OSH profession by accrediting higher education institution (HEI) and awarding organisation (AO) programmes/qualifications so that they meet the academic grade entry requirements for IOSH membership. These standards allow HEIs and AOs to influence workplace safety and health. 

What's in it for you?

Prospective students can be confident that an IOSH-accredited qualification meets their learning and career development objectives. And our professional standards will prove attractive to occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, employers and educators.

Accreditation enables:

  • continual support for learners from IOSH’s Membership Engagement Team  
  • access to student membership for your learners
  • use of the IOSH logo in your marketing materials
  • ongoing support from a dedicated point of contact at IOSH
  • access to engagement activities and webinars for your learners.

Plus, students and staff on accredited qualifications/programmes will receive continual support from IOSH’s Membership Engagement Team.



While external accreditation is a highly demanding process, it ensures a superior student outcome through the external quality assurance processes and benchmarking.

Jane Whitelaw, Academic Programme Director: OHS, University of Wollongong, Australia


Accreditation not only strengthened the marketability of our programmes but confirmed that they contained professional standards needed by the practitioner in the field.

Barry Parasram, Programme Dean, Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies, Trinidad and Tobago

What framework do we use?

We use the European Qualifications Framework as a translation tool between different global national qualifications frameworks. IOSH accredits qualifications/programmes at EQF levels 3-5, and 6 and above, as meeting the academic requirements for Associate/Technical and Graduate membership respectively.

Application guide

Please read our application guide for full details on our accreditation process.

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Contact our accreditation team

If you are a HEI or AO and would like to find out more about our accreditation service, ask questions or make an application, please complete our enquiry form.

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