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Get your qualification IOSH-accredited

For higher education institutions and awarding organisations

Why is accreditation important for your qualification/programme? 

In a crowded marketplace, buyers will always respond to visibility, credibility and trust. Prospective students for your health and safety qualifications/programmes will be no different.

That’s why IOSH-backed qualifications stay front of mind.

As the Chartered body and largest global membership organisation for safety and health professionals, IOSH seeks to improve competency. One way we do this is by accrediting higher education institution (HEI) and awarding organisation (AO) programmes/qualifications. This means they meet the academic grade entry requirements for IOSH membership.

Prospective students can be more confident that an IOSH-accredited qualification ticks all the boxes for both their learning and their future career. And the professional standards associated with IOSH will prove just as attractive to occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals, employers and educators. 

These standards allow you as an AO or HEI, as well as your students, to influence workplace safety and health. Plus, students and staff taking accredited qualifications/programmes will receive continual support from IOSH’s Membership Engagement Team.  

Ready to get your qualification IOSH-accredited? 

IOSH uses the European Qualifications Framework as a translation tool between different global national qualifications frameworks. IOSH accredits EQF-equivalent level 3, 6 and 7 programmes/qualifications as meeting the learning requirements for Associate/Technical and Graduate membership respectively.

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