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What is Corporate Risk Essentials?

The IOSH Corporate Risk Essentials masterclass equips your CEO, Board Members and Executive Directors to understand, plan and implement a risk management culture as part of your organisation’s governance.

This is latest instalment to the Executive Education suite alongside Corporate Governance and Leading Safely. This thorough activity-based programme provides the skills to devise truly sustainable strategies for a rapidly changing world of work.

This insightful masterclass will future proof your organisation – building structural and cultural resilience and creating the conditions for continuing growth.

Positioning within the Executive Education suite

The 3 courses have been developed to compliment each other and not work in competition:

  • Corporate Governance - this masterclass, for the board, covers the principles of good corporate governance and the vital role of health and safety - essential for building a successful and sustainable business
  • Corporate Risk Essentials – this is a masterclass, aimed at board level, makes the case for assessing risk within your organisation and position OSH risk within your overall risk management framework
  • Leading Safely - a course, for senior leaders, to help implement an OSH strategy to improve productivity, increase profits, enhance corporate reputation and strengthen your brand

Trainer criteria 

In order to deliver this course, you will need to follow the criteria below: 

  • Level 7 Business Management qualification or experience and evidence of working at a strategic level within business
  • Experience and evidence of working with or presenting to Board members on a regular basis (3 years or more)
  • Relevant Level 6 Health and Safety Qualification (or equivalent risk qualification)
  • Chartered member of IOSH
  • Trainers must be able to provide evidence of their experience, knowledge and skills of working with, and training at a senior-level.
  • Training Provider is required to have a nominated member at CMIOSH


  • Course syllabus - an overview of the product content and learning outcomes
  • Executive education positioning document – which outlines why should business invest in the executive education suite of products
  • Business case – this provides product information for business and delegates, to help them understand the business case for making an investment in the course

Become a training provider

If you'd like to become a training provider for Corporate Risk Essentials then please contact business@iosh.com.