Our research activities

Our research activities are diverse. We develop and publish a range of freely available outputs from our commissioned research projects. 

We are also members of several international research consortiums and act in an advisory capacity on other research projects. 

Our research and resources 

Our aim is to fund timely and original research that influences policy and practice in the field of occupational safety, health, and wellbeing.  

The outputs from our research activities are thus varied. They include a range of reports, evidence-based tools, case studies, checklists and so on.

These reports and resources are freely available in the IOSH resource library.  

We commission a range of projects to establish evidence for health and safety policies and practice. Our research has focused on a broad range of industries and has explored topics such as:  

  • health and wellbeing - key elements of successful interventions 
  • organisational change  
  • OSH performance and reporting 
  • learning and training methodologies.

Historically, we have been particularly interested in research which, where possible, leads to the development of practical resources (e.g., guidance, tools, or case studies) that are useful to the workplace.

How we work with other organisations

Alongside our own commissioned research, we are also involved in occupational safety and health research in a number of different ways. We sponsor, support, and provide advice for other organisations conducting research projects. 

Here are some of those we currently work with: 

Affinity Health at Work Logo We are a member of Affinity Health at Work, a collaboration between researchers and employer organisations, national institutions and interested individuals who support research in workplace wellbeing and employee engagement. Our involvement in the consortium is as a paid member and supporter. 
Safera Logo We are also a member of  SAF€RA. a partnership between research European funding organisations who collaborate on research programming and launch joint calls in the field of industrial safety. We provide funding for  collaborative, cross-European projects in the field.  
Mentupp logo A consultative collaboration with MENTUPP an EU-funded research project which aims to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace by developing, implementing and evaluating a comprehensive, multilevel intervention. It targets both clinical and non-clinical mental health issues, as well as combating the stigma of mental (ill-) health in specific occupational sectors and both small and medium sized organisations.