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Complaints and feedback

We want to hear about your experiences – when we've done a good job and when you think we can do better. We are committed to ensuring our work is carried out in an open and accountable way. We set ourselves high standards, but we may occasionally fall short of your expectations. Where this happens, and when it can’t be resolved through conversation, you can raise a complaint to share your concerns.

How to complain

To make a complaint, please click on the complaints form on this page.

We will ensure that your complaint is:

  • taken seriously
  • responded to in a timely manner
  • treated sensitively and confidentially
  • handled without bias or discrimination.

If a service we have offered you fails to meet your expectations.

If a company or individual who is selling IOSH training products fails to meet your expectations, or you have a suspicion that a training provider is operating outside the IOSH terms and conditions of sale.

If you suspect an IOSH member has failed their duty to uphold the IOSH Code of Conduct.

If you suspect a volunteer representing IOSH has failed to uphold the Volunteer Code of Behaviour.

What happens next

We will investigate your complaint and aim to provide a full response within 15 working days. Please read our customer complaint business rule for full details of the processes for each type of complaint.

Blocking vexatious people on social media

Our IOSH social media channels provide a platform for our members, customers, training providers, staff, occupational safety and health professionals and the wider public to come together to share information and ideas. To protect the integrity of this community, we ask that all our followers act responsibly and communicate with IOSH and the rest of the community positively, behaving in a polite and constructive way.

The IOSH Social Media and Community (SM&C) team can block individuals because of vexatious behaviour, such as the below.

  • Use of swear words. This includes the use of asterisks or other symbols to mask the spelling of an expletive and the use of acronyms and standard SMS text terminology to abbreviate the expletive.
  • Promoting products, causes or campaigns that do not relate to the substance of the post or thread.
  • Messages that could be considered unwanted, unprofessional, defamatory, obscene, offensive, deliberately provocative, inflammatory or unlawful.
  • Personal criticism of other users, bullying, aggressive, discriminatory or nuisance behaviour.
  • Impolite or inappropriate postings made towards others.
  • Posts that pursue or promote a grievance against any individual or organisation.


It's always good to hear when things are going well. Please tell us when you think we've done a good job.