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UK General Election 2024

The General Election will take place in the UK on 04 July. But will it make us safer, happier and healthier? Check out our asks of the next Government – and stay informed with our articles, policy positions and more.

  • Government urged to protect workers
  • Fit note reform
  • Safer, healthier, happier

"Once the new Government is in place, we really need to talk about occupational safety and health (OSH). Because if the Government is serious about boosting the economy and cutting NHS waiting lists, then safety and health at work can play a big part."

Job role
  • Next UK Government cannot ignore emerging risks
  • The wait is over, it’s time to get to work
  • Fit to work with limitations

Our survey said...

We asked our members what they believe the top three priorities for the next Government should be. They said: 

  • General Election survey
  • Protecting workers from climate change