osh as an enabler

OSH as an enabler

Get ahead of your competition by investing in safety and health with IOSH for Business

Many businesses are always looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage over others in their market. Health and safety is sometimes overlooked as a way to gain that competitive edge.

IOSH for Business works with high-profile companies to help them improve OSH standards across their supply chain.

Our work with the international business community enables IOSH to build strong collaborations to develop programmes and campaigns to upskill safety professionals. We also aim to use our collective influence to increase the visibility of health and safety within auditing regimes and to improve the consistency of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) within investor requirements.

What can you achieve by investing in health and safety for your organisation?

1. Retain and gain more workers
A safe and valued workforce could have a positive influence on job retention and growth opportunities. Workers who feel safe at work may be more inclined to stay within that organisation, knowing they are looked after. This could also have external benefits too. Organisations who have a reputation for being safe could appeal to job hunters and therefore encourage more candidates for roles, giving an organisation a much wider choice when recruiting and being able to get the right people for the job!

2. More money to invest
Having a good health and safety risk management system in place will reduce the number of work-related injuries and disease. Reducing the amount of money spent on claims, compensation, and a more expensive insurance premium, meaning more money to invest in the organisation and their workers.

3. Protect the organisation
In some countries it is a legal requirement and organisations are legally obliged to comply with the law. They not only face hefty fines but can also be prosecuted and imprisoned. Ensuring the organisation is following the law will strengthen the organisation's reputation and culture.

4. A more efficient business
Encouraging a healthy and safe work culture can boost productivity across the whole business, allowing the organisation to be more efficient. Having a business with a positive safety record can demonstrate the organisation's values the business and the workers.

We produced The healthy profit report which examines why and how future-fit businesses are transforming themselves to respond to social and commercial pressures. It illustrates the financial, ethical and sustainability benefits of businesses investing in the safety and health of their workforce. Have a read!

If you're looking to deliver IOSH training courses within your organisation, take a look at how you can do this here.

IOSH for Business is part of IOSH Services Limited (ISL), the commercial subsidiary of IOSH.