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IOSH for Business

IOSH for business is a service we provide to ensure that as an employer you’re fully equipped to embed health and safety practices into your organisation by following legislation and compliance.

Why good occupational safety and health (OSH) makes good business sense

  • a happier and healthier workforce
  • lower staff turnover
  • minimised risk of fines
  • improved productivity
  • a better reputation.

If you are interested in how your business can benefit from embedding a health and safety culture, read our article on the 10 reasons why health and safety is important for your business.

What we can do for you

We can give you access to a practical, time-saving solution for creating a positive, caring work culture in which every member of your workforce plays their part, from the new-starter to the health and safety manager and the CEO.

We recognise that organisations are at different stages in their health and safety journey, so our solutions (below) ensure you receive maximum benefits for your investment. 

  • Analysis and action plan. Your dedicated account manager will carry out an analysis of how IOSH can support you in achieving your strategic aims. We will then work with you on an action plan to outline how we can best meet your membership and training requirements. This may include an assessor-led workshop to identify who needs to be at what level, and what they need to get there. If this is the right solution for you, complete our form below and we'll be in touch.
  • Deliver IOSH training courses within your organisation. You can either purchase one of our training courses and deliver it within your organisation by becoming an IOSH training provider. Alternatively, you can submit your own course(s) for IOSH approval

Meet your Business Development Managers

IOSH's Business Development team are here to help. Click on their calendar links below to book a chat or email or call them to see how IOSH for Business can help your organisation.

Iain McIntosh, Senior Business Development Manager E: iain.mcintosh@iosh.com T: +44 (0)7790 607217

Iain said: "At IOSH for Business, we want to assist clients in understanding where they are in the cultural maturity of their OSH journey. We want to talk to you to understand your business and where it sits against IOSH's Model of Safety, and how we can help you accelerate your OSH strategy.

"By having that core understanding of your business, we can identify your requirements and match our services to fulfil your development needs."

Book a chat with Iain

IOSH Senior Business Development Manager Iain McIntosh

Kiren Gill, Business Development Manager
E: kiren.gill@iosh.com T: +44 (0)7977 161329

Kiren said: "I take pride in working closely with organisations to firstly understand their business, their people and how we can help. This helps ensure we fulfil their requirements by matching our services to address the core issues and concerns that matter to the client.

"IOSH for Business can talk to your people directly and assess the cultural maturity of your organisation against IOSH’s Model of Safety to pinpoint where you are on your health and safety journey."

Book a chat with Kiren

IOSH Business Development Manager Kiren Gill

Charlie Grayson, Business Development Manager 
E: charlie.grayson@iosh.com T: +44 (0)7977 161127

Charlie said: "I help clients bring IOSH-accredited, approved and bespoke training in-house. Typically, I help our clients’ OSH professionals become IOSH-approved trainers and roll-out in-house, world-class IOSH training programmes that embed organisational values and behaviours.

"At the top table, I help clients accelerate their OSH strategy, underpinned by IOSH's Model of Safety, and leading to IOSH Business Assurance."

Book a chat with Charlie

IOSH Business Development Manager Charlie Graysoner Charlie




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