Board committees

Our five Board Committees support the IOSH Board of Trustees in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to the Institution. This committee structure has been designed to reflect best governance practice and helps us to continue the modernisation of our organisation.

We have five Board Committees:

The IOSH Awarding Organisation also has one committee:

Finance and Investment

The Committee is responsible for aligning the use of resources (financial, workforce and assets) with the strategic direction of the organisation and support the Board of Trustees in meeting its fiduciary duties.

View the full terms of reference here. 

Performance and Development

The Committee will ensure IOSH is accountable to its members and enhance the value of the profession for the benefit of IOSH members in accordance with IOSH’s Charitable Objectives. 

View the full terms of reference here.

Audit and Risk

The Committee will receive assurance that IOSH internal controls and risk management processes are fit for purpose, protect the integrity of the IOSH brand and are consistent with current UK good practice.

View the full terms of reference here.

Policy and Standards

The Committee will ensure the alignment of IOSH with national and global developments, sector policy and standards. It will also support the Board of Trustees to put in place the framework, Activate 2028, which sets out the values, culture and behaviours of the Institution that will help deliver its core purpose. 

View the full terms of reference here.

Disciplinary Committees

The Disciplinary Committees include the Complaints Review Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Appeal Committee, all of which shall make decisions under Regulation 6 by simple majority.

The Complaints Review Committee is made up of Chartered members. The Disciplinary Committee and Appeal Committee is made up of both IOSH members and independent members. Hearings are open to the public and registration for any scheduled hearings can be found here. IOSH disciplinary committee hearings are open to the public and registration links for upcoming scheduled hearings will be posted below 7 days in advance of the hearing taking place and will close 24 hours before the hearing commences to avoid disruption.

Following the conclusion of any hearing, the Relevant Committee shall make written recommendation as to where the outcome of any disciplinary matter shall be published and for how long. Previous outcomes can be found here. 

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Awarding Organisation Committee

The Awarding Organisation Committee has oversight of the strategic direction, and accountability for the performance, of the IOSH Awarding Organisation.

Meeting quarterly, the committee ensure the Awarding Organisation meets the objectives set and operates with compliance to Ofqual’s Conditions of Recognition. It creates and maintains separation between the different interests of the institution, while maintaining clear reporting lines back to the IOSH Board of Trustees.

The committee has the equivalent status of a board of directors within the organisational structure of the Awarding Organisation. The committee chair is also a member of the IOSH Board of Trustees.

The committee ensure risks, including those relating to performance and regulatory compliance, are predicted and mitigated to prevent any adverse effect and are required to inform the IOSH Board of Trustees of the same.

You can see the full Awarding Organisation Committee terms of reference (PDF 164KB).

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