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Our mission, vision and goals

Taking steps to create better working lives

We remain committed to our vision – a safe and healthy world of work. This is both simple and true to our charitable purpose. 

Our mission is three-fold:

  • build excellence in our profession
  • drive action from everyone who can influence excellence in global occupational safety and health (OSH) standards
  • put people at the heart of social sustainability.

Activate 2028 focuses on the actions and outcomes needed to help us achieve our vision and mission.

Our charitable objects 

These are at the heart of everything we do. We continue to be dedicated to each one of our charitable objects through Activate 2028 

We’ve also developed public benefit statements to show how IOSH’s work, together with the power of its members, can improve people’s working lives. 

Charitable object 1: To promote systematic and organised methods of improving OSH and to advocate, advise on, disseminate, explain and advance the principles, methods and systems of their application at work generally. 

Public benefit statement: We champion and support the right to a safe and healthy world of work. We shine a light on best practice through strategic partnerships with NGOs, campaigns, educational resources and case studies, all freely available to guide businesses, governments, regulators and investors on how to apply OSH either at an organisational or policy level. As a result, workers’ lives are protected, their families supported and their communities strengthened. 

Charitable object 2: To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Institution and of other professional bodies in the field of occupational safety and health and to work together with other professional bodies in pursuit of mutual objectives. 

Public benefit statement: We create inclusive physical and virtual communities, connecting members and partners, so knowledge, tools and techniques are shared and a culture of support and positive peer-to-peer interaction is nurtured. To keep communities thriving, we invest in research and outreach to further professional standards and knowledge. This has influence beyond our membership, and so can have positive impacts on workforces across the world.  

Charitable object 3: To do all such other things as may be necessary or desirable for maintaining and improving the professional status of members of the Institution and of people engaged in professions requiring a knowledge of the matters mentioned in the first charitable object.  

Public benefit statement: We set world-class professional standards for the OSH profession through our competency framework. We provide and accredit training and education programmes that support professionals to continuously develop themselves and be recognised and trusted for their expertise through IOSH membership. When employers and members of the public see an IOSH member at work, they know they have the best people to enable a safe and healthy world of work.  

Our goals 

We’ve created four main goals, or strategic objectives, for Activate 2028 to underpin our charitable objects, deliver our public benefits and help us reach our vision. They are: 

  • to be a leading authority in global OSH to maximise influence and impact 
  • to develop and recognise the excellence and expertise of OSH professionals to improve global standards in OSH 
  • to champion the role of OSH in social sustainability to drive business success 
  • to connect diverse professionals to continually develop the world of health and safety.   
Activate 2028 strategy

Read about the steps we’re taking to create better working lives.

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