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Our journey to Activate 2028

How we’re building on strong foundations to achieve even more

Activate 2028 is a major campaign. It builds on what we have achieved with WORK 2022 and is being delivered at a time when occupational safety and health (OSH) has never been more important to working lives. 

The context

  • In June 2022, the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopted a safe and healthy work environment as a fundamental principle and right at work. IOSH is proud to have helped influence this milestone through our work on the global stage and with the ILO.
  • Our incredible OSH professionals have been recognised for helping to keep people safe, and organisations operational, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Social sustainability is also high on the agenda, with OSH playing a vital role in helping to bring about regenerative and sustainable workplaces.

This shows what we can achieve when we’re united in our vision. But, with an estimated 2.78 million people dying annually due to work-related illnesses and accidents, we need to do more to make safe and healthy workplaces a reality. 

So, this campaign is about turning strategy into action across three new key areas to make more of a difference. 

Lead the drive to a more equitable and inclusive world of work

A safe and healthy world of work means feeling safe as well as being safe. We know equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is a priority area for 75 per cent of organisations worldwide (PwC 2021), with more diverse companies reporting nearly a 60 per cent increase in creativity, innovation and openness (Catalyst, 2019).

Shift to a more sustainable and regenerative economy

Our profession contributes toward 51 of the targets within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 17 of which OSH influences directly. When OSH professionals are helping to bring about a more sustainable future, they are thinking about the impact this will have on the wellbeing and safety of the people they work with and for.

Adapt to technological evolution in the workplace

The world of work is changing. Right now, 85 million jobs are at risk of being displaced by technology, according to the World Economic Forum. But technological advances could create 97 million new roles by 2025. Each step change requires careful consideration by the OSH profession along with agile action, so we all remain focused on feeling and being safe, irrespective of high-tech evolution.

Our collective commitment and actions can bring about extraordinary changes and progress. That's why we're celebrating the impactful work that's already happening in the world of OSH. 

We've created a new honour – the award of IOSH Champion – to celebrate excellence in health and safety practice. Meet our IOSH Champions and read about their incredible work.