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Celebrating our profession

We're showcasing incredible work across the world of OSH

At IOSH, we’re proud of the amazing contribution our profession makes towards ensuring all human beings can fulfil their potential in a safe and healthy environment.

A big part of Activate 2028 is to celebrate the incredible work that’s already happening. We want to inspire future occupational safety and health (OSH) leaders, irrespective of industry, background or scale of project.

This means celebrating you – your stories, your projects and your teams and individuals that help to shape the future of our profession.

We’re going to be publishing the most impactful stories and case studies submitted by you right here on our website, as well as celebrating what these achievements mean across our social channels.

Your stories

Over the past few weeks, we've asked you to let us know if you’ve worked on something you think merits celebration, or you know of someone else who deserves to have the spotlight put on their incredible work.

We've received some amazing nominations and will share more stories soon.