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WORK 2022

Evaluation of IOSH's 5-year strategy

Our global vision was to create a safe and healthy world of work. WORK 2022 was launched in 2017 to outline how we, together with our members and stakeholders, would realise that vision. It was an action plan with three strategic pillars, that aimed to significantly improve the working lives of people all over the world.


Improve the occupational safety and health profession by expanding its competence capability and range of skills, thereby consolidating its central role in organisational success by promoting positive public perceptions of health and safety.


Establish strategic partnerships through collaboration, forging mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded organisations and delivering practical and valuable outcomes for businesses to succeed, all while supporting a shared vision of a safe and healthy workplace.


Increase our global influence and impact by empowering safety and health professionals and businesses around the world and collaborating with them to address local health and safety issues, allowing for global knowledge and learning sharing.

WORK 2022 has helped to create a robust, comprehensive and attractive membership offer, establish a strategy of collaboration with others to create greater visibility and recognition and deliver global influence and impact. Our work continues to safeguard workers and their families and communities across the globe.

“It is safe to say WORK 2022 has set strong foundations on which our next strategy has been built.”

Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, Chief Executive, IOSH








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IOSH Evaluation of Work 2022

Learn more about WORK 2022 by downloading the full impact report.

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