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Our strategy

Our Vision and Mission

Charitable Objects

The Institution is established to achieve the following charitable objects in the interests of the general public benefit:

  • to promote systematic and organised methods of improving occupational safety and health and to advocate, advise on, disseminate, explain and advance the principles, methods and systems of their application at work generally;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Institution and of other professional bodies in the field of occupational safety and health and to work together with other professional bodies in pursuit of mutual objectives; and
  • to do all such other things as may be necessary or desirable for maintaining and improving the professional status of members of the Institution and of people engaged in professions requiring a knowledge of the matters mentioned in the first bullet point above.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple: a safe and healthy world of work.

This is why our mission is to be the professional body leading the way in global occupational safety and health. Because of our expertise, reach and reputation, IOSH is uniquely placed to influence the way organisations look after their people at work.

WORK 2022

Our 2017-2022 strategy, WORK 2022, sets out the steps we will take to reduce the human cost of failures to protect people at work and support businesses in shaping safe, healthy and productive work environments.

WORK 2022 is underpinned by three broad aims:

  1. to enhance the occupational safety and health profession
  2. to collaborate to build strategic partnerships
  3. to influence positive change and strengthen our impact globally.
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WORK 2022 summary

Get involved and help us to shape a safer, healthier, better world of work. Read more about our strategy by downloading our WORK 2022 summary.

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Annual review

Our annual review looks at the highlights from 2020/21.

Annual reports

Have a read through our annual reports from previous years.