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Sustainability statement of intent

IOSH’s corporate sustainability promise

IOSH commits to operating sustainably in the ways we do our business. Applying those values and behaviours to what we do and how we do it supports our shared vision of realising a safer and healthier world of work for everyone.

We believe passionately that people are at the very heart of sustainability. Conscious sustainability arises from the choices people make and their needs to survive, thrive and help others.

We address our commitment to sustainability by considering four recognised aspects – financial, environmental, social, and ethical – and implementing our approach to corporate sustainability along our value chain and across IOSH’s sphere of influence worldwide. This is critical to our success and long-term value creation and is endorsed by our Board of Trustees.

Specifically, we call for and advise on global and regional regulations that promote good work throughout businesses, projects, sectors, and supply chains. We stimulate debate, publish, and share research, produce advice and guidance on how to implement sustainable working practices that promote good safety, health and wellbeing at work, and we develop training packages and business tools that enable businesses and organisations to harness the power of social sustainability to create prosperous communities around the globe.

The sustainable development practices IOSH adopts align to the (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They inform our participant status with the UN Global Compact and support our global agenda and our business performance in delivering our WORK 2022 strategy, its successor strategy next year, and our charitable objects.

Our sustainability and human capital commitments

We are committed to the UN SDGs and the UN Global Compact implementation, disclosure, and promotion of the ten universal principles.

Find out more about how we deliver our commitments to human capital and sustainability through the ten universal principles.