Ended with Response
Ended with Response

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Policy Consultations

About this consultation

The EBRD is owned by 66 countries from 5 continents and two intergovernmental institutions, the European Union and European Investment Bank. It works together with the private sector, to invest in projects, engage in policy dialogue and provide technical advice, operating in more than 36 economies, from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, to Central and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia. EBRD operations span a range of industries, from agribusiness to infrastructure to transport.


Last updated in 2014, EBRD is starting to review three of its major governance policies – the Environmental and Social Policy, the Public Information Policy and the Project Complaint Mechanism Rules of Procedure.

For this 2019 review, EBRD stakeholders, including civil society organisations, industry associations, community representatives from countries of operations, clients, other international financial institutions and international organisations, are invited to participate in the public consultations.

Proposed changes

The first phase will be the pre-drafting stage and EBRD stakeholders are encouraged to submit written feedback by 10 April 2018. The initial comments on the current policies and review process will be discussed during the Civil Society Programme at the EBRD Annual Meeting in Jordan in May 2018.

The second phase of the review will involve public consultation on the three draft policies during 2019, as set out in the EBRD’s Public Information Policy. This will include a second period for online comment and public meetings will be held in a number of EBRD countries of operations.

EBRD expects the draft policies to be ready for disclosure in early 2019 and, following further public consultation, adoption by May 2019, so that the policies can take effect in Nov 2019.

Consultation questions

We invited IOSH members to send us comments on EBRD’s review of its three major governance policies to help inform an IOSH submission by 16 March 2018.