Become an external representative

How IOSH can strengthen your position


You may already sit on a committee outside of IOSH, or perhaps you would like to get involved with that sort of work. Here are five top reasons to work with IOSH as an External Representative:

  • The support of an international health and safety organisation can increase your influence within the committee and the profession
  • Your improved position can help support the health and safety agenda as you work to enhance the reputation of the profession
  • IOSH can provide support when you are preparing to address OSH in committee meetings
  • Feeding back to IOSH can help us highlight the great work organisations are doing to improve health and safety. That's great representation for the committee, the organisation and the health and safety profession
  • Sharing the great work in your committee can inspire and guide others to make similar improvements to their health and safety standards.

How to apply

To talk in more detail about possibilities and to apply, or to alert us to opportunities in your subject area or geographic location, please contact partner.committees@iosh.com.

Candidates will be considered against our selection criteria, or our selection criteria for governance roles. If you are concerned about meeting any of these criteria, please mention this when contacting us, we may be able to help.