IOSH's External Representatives

Representing IOSH on national and international committees

Who are they? How can you get involved?

Many IOSH members represent the Institution on national and international committees. By working with us as official IOSH representatives they champion our vision for a safe and healthy world of work, promoting IOSH’s policies and positions and ensuring our members’ views are represented at all levels. They also benefit from the support of the largest health and safety organisation in the world.

These webpages are designed to highlight IOSH’s External Representatives, promoting transparency, and also to give representatives a simple way to feed back reports on their work. Below you’ll find a range of resources related to our External Representatives.

"Representing IOSH ON WOSNET (Workingonsafety.net) an international research network, has helped me have a better knowledge of emerging risk to occupational safety and health, supporting the drive for a safe and healthy world of work." - Ivan Williams, Research and Development Adviser

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Who are our external representatives?