Center for Safety & Health Sustainability: CSHS

We are a founding member of the CSHS which was established in June 2011. Our aim is to support the delivery of CSHS objectives as an active partner.

Our aims are to:

  • provide a strong voice and comprehensive leadership for safety and health in shaping sustainability policies
  • educate the business community on the importance of safety and health as part of good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility/sustainability.
  • provide new insights into the measurement, management and impact of safety and health sustainability
  • be a recognised thought leader for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

On 03 April 2019 we hosted the 4th Human Capital Global Summit, Putting People Back into Sustainability. We brought together experts in the occupational health and safety field, standards bodies, leaders from sustainability-related research organizations, financial market players and international standards organizations.

Download the event report.

For more information, visit the CSHS website.