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Queen Elizabeth II – Book of condolence

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth. She has always been someone whose example we should always follow and she had the respect of people all over the world. RIP Your Majesty." Gareth Roberts, United Kingdom, GRAD IOSH

"Your support of Occupational Safety & Health both here in the UK and the Commonwealth has been so supportive, thank you. I attending a Queen's tea party in 2017 to honour RoSPA but this was attended by one of your close family members so I never saw you in person. We will all miss your smile and support of institutions that help all your subjects. My thoughts are with your family at this difficult time." Martin Boast, United Kingdom, Technical

"May you rest in peace. Your dedication to our country has been outstanding and I will be forever grateful. You were an outstanding example of how Women can be magnificent Leaders." Emma Phipps

"In relation to Health & Safety, The Queen showed real leadership, listened, guided and inspired, and moved with evolving times." Mike Douglas, England, Graduate

"You were a true inspiration to us all , Courage, dignity, fierce intelligence and humour. We will never see the like of you again. RIP your majesty." Elizabeth Williams, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH 

"I am saddened to hear the news. My heartiest condolences to Her majesty The Queen. She will never be away from our hearts and minds. May the almighty rest her soul in peace" Dilip Golande, India

"Rest in peace" Kevin Doyle, Oman, CMIOSH

"I signed a blank cheque of allegiance to Her Majesty back in December 1991 and feel proud to have served her and our country. It must be said that there's not one man or woman alive or dead that has given so many years of their (living) lives to our country. May she rest in peace with fair winds and following seas. R.I.P the Queen, Long live the King." Kevin Doyle, Oman, CMIOSH

"Queen Elizabeth II may no longer walk amongst us but she will be forever in our hearts. My thoughts are with her family, including our new King - Charles III." Caroline Copson, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"A true Lady who leaves behind a legacy like no other. You have done more than your duty Ma'am, May you Rest In Peace." Michael Rogers, United Kingdom, Affiliate

"Although we did not know you personally you have been a big part of all our life's for as long as we can remember. You are a shining light as to what we should all aspire to be, your dignity, humility and warmth shone through. Rest in Pease Ma'am. From all At FB Taylor (Cable Contractors) Ltd" Steven Ajayi, United Kingdom, Graduate IOSH

"It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a great inspiration to our nation and to me personally having served in the British Armed Forces under the queens rein and command. She will be sadly missed." Glyn Brind, United Kingdom, Technical

"My paternal uncle served under you in WWII for seven years in Burma, and you left us the same week my foster mother did, say hello to them wherever they are and with them RIP." Samir Abdul, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Sincere condolences for the loss of a great lady respected by Great Britain and the world for her unrelenting service as a wise queen and great leader rest in peace x" Liz Young, Scotland

"To our dear Queen thank you for all your years of service. You will be greatly missed. You were an inspiration to us all and a very beautiful graceful person." Devinder Jabbal, United Kingdom

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth." Zahid Kamal, Pakistan, Tech-IOSH

"May you Rest in Peace HRH. Thank you for your many years of service to our great nation." Brendan Gregson, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Words cannot describe the pain that the news brought across the world especially in the UK. You will always remain in our hearts. May angels take u to thy rest in your rightfull place and may God have mercy on your soul." Andrei Constantin Aurica, United Kingdom, Affiliate

"A truly inspirational person, leader and Queen to our great nation. The absolute pinnacle of dedication and service to ones country and globally. Will miss your enlightening smile your majesty. Thank you for everything you did for us your people." Michael Simpson, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Thank you Ma’am" Gary Gardner, United Kingdom, Graduate 

"Heartfelt condolence" Asees Vazhat Vazhat, INDIA

"You will always be in my heart and mind. I met you on 2 occasions and they are memories I will treasure. RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" Graham Plumbe, United Kingdom, Iosh Grad

"My Family and near ones joines me to wish Her Majesty soul may reat in peace... Ammen. Jesus will shower all blessings to tge family to bear this Great loss of ever." Sibikuttan Madathil Joseph, India, Graduate Member

"I am really sad to hear that our beloved Queen has passed. I was fortunate enough to have served 24 years for Queen and Country within the Corps of Royal Engineers. This time has allowed me to thrive and move into my new career within Health and Safety. Best boss ever, we will all miss you terribly." Stevie Gass, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"The sad loss of her Majesty the Queen was shared by billions across the globe. Personally, the Queen has been a figurehead for my family since the coronation. In my lifetime, there are only a handful of people who have touched the hearts of so many, none greater than the Queen. I would like to offer sincere condolences to the immediate family and in King Charles we trust to continue leading us all in harmony. Long live the King. x" Ian Woods, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Wishing all the family my heartfelt respect and condolences at this sad time.Norman McGorm, Scotland, Chartered member

"To a lovely lady your legacy is legendary may you rest in peace" Gary O Connell, Ireland , Member 

"May HER Soul RIP!Anup Nair, India, GradIOSH

"She was always a constant in my life and the news of her passing was just like losing a family member. Rest in peace Ma’am and god bless you" Geoff Bennett, UK, CMIOSH

"A sad moment in time as we mourn the loss of our queen.. thoughts are with the entire royal family during these difficult and sad times.. a tremendous leader and woman. She will never be forgotten." Robin Stanex , Northern ireland , Tech member 

"I am sending my deepest condolences to the British people on the loss of their beloved Queen" Rajesh Ram singh, India, GradIOSH

"Thank you for your service. You will be greatly missed but always remembered with respect." Kym Allan, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Rest in peace your majesty. Thank-you for your service to this Country and the the rest of the Commonwealth. You were a true inspiration who will be sadly missed but never forgotten." FIONA PACKER, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"My deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She was a woman of strength and grace as she devoted her life to her duties, her family, and her country. May she rest in peace." Tariq Noor, Qatar

"Deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this very sad time. The late Queen was a strong role model for me, and I imagine many women in leadership roles. Her sense of duty, sacrifice and hard work are leadership values I will try my best to live up to. She will always be my inspiration." Denise Harrison, United Kingdom, CFIOSH 

"The sadness felt this week is that of losing a close family member. Thank you Your Majesty for leading our country for so many years with unerring style, grace, knowledge and authority. You were our Queen, and the best one the country and Commonwealth has ever had. Reunited with Prince Phillip. Your duty is done!!" Carl Starling, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"We will be forever indebted to Queen Elizabeth II for her duty to our country and to the Commonwealth. Thank you for your service maam. Above all else, Queen Elizabeth was a mother, a grandmother and much more. My prayers go to the royal family at this sad time. May our Queen forever rest in peace with her beloved Duke of Edinburgh." Lee Jones, United Kingdom, Chartered member

"Queen to all, a Mother, Grandmother, Gt Grandmother and a truly devoted Lady. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth. God save the King." Paul Lamb, UK 

"Great reign; hasn't ended just yet. Your rain of Wisdom still lives on. And for our workplace health and safety community, we are most grateful for the foundation you layed. Rest in Greatness, our Queen Elizabeth II." Joshua Tero Nii Cofie, Ghana, GradIOSH

"May God bless Queen Elizabeth the II, You touched so many lives across the world. Rest in Perfect Peace." Mirriam Mvula, Zambia, Technical member

"Ma'am, Thank you for your life long dedication to our wonderful country. Wonderful because of the stability the monarchy brings to the most secure democracy in the world. May you rest in peace in the full knowledge that your legacy lives on and the dedication to duty will continue with King Charles III." Stephen Passmore, UK 

"Such a sad loss for the United Kingdom and the world, rest in peace with your beloved Phillip. You were truly a magnificent Queen and and a real inspiration to all. My deepest condolences to the royal family." Patricia Pink, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH 

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, being ex-military she was essentially my boss for a number of years, I took the oath of allegiance to her back in 1998 and swore to protect her heirs and successors. May she rest in eternal peace." Michael Radcliffe, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"My deepest condolences to the late majesty - the queen of UK..i felt moved when i came to know of her demise because i admired her a lot and she has visited my state of tamilnadu,india once A thing of beauty is a joy forever and her life was well lived setting up a good example for monarchs all over the world...i hope her soul finds peace and my prayers to the wonderful people of great Britain... I wish that her son and the current king of UK His majesty charles shall lead the UK like his mother and set a good example and he has visited my nation india 17 times....my greetings to iosh for giving me a chance to pay condolences to my favorite monarch.. kartheep sri gradiosh " Kartheep Sri, India, GradIOSH

"Thank you, Thank you for everything till we meet again x" Kenneth Cook , England , Tech IOSH

"Heartbroken to hear of the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Such a wonderful individual who served our country splendidly for more years than I have been alive and my thoughts are with the Royal Family. We will never again experience such a wonderful individual and may she rest in peace. God Save the King" Stephen Milroy, UK, CMIOSH 

"Queen Elisabeth was a great influence on her family and the people of this country. She maintained a standard of behaviour and tolerance that was an example to us all. I remember her father and the assembly in school when King George VI died, we all wore black armbands then, as was the custom. A few months later the new radiant Queen and the Duke Edinburgh drove past in a Royal Daimler with fluorescent lighting inside on dark November day it was inspiring to a 10 year and his pals. I continued to be inspired and hope that Charles is cast in the same mould. During a site inspection in Kitts Green Birmingham in 2006, Charles went into a room of 100 teenagers on his own for 90 minutes and when the children came out they said how impressed they were with him and it seems that skill may be with us all now. I hope so. " Tim Prestage, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"From your humble servant ma'am who has tried to follow your example of kindness and support of others. Your guiding light has shone the way for a grateful nation to see our way through troubled times and good times, you have been our constant for people to rely upon, only something we could ever attempt to emulate.Our thoughts and wishes are with King Charles and your royal family. May you rest in peace and rise in glory" Thomas Beswick-Brown, United Kingdom

"Thank you to Her Majesty for a service of devotion to the principles set out with our Charter, ensuring the safety of our workforce embracing all that is good practice is do you to." Philippa Fitzmaurice, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and everyone connected with Royal family." Saber Rehman, United Arab Emirates, Grad IOSH

"Thank you Ma’am for your historic reign, you have been a true symbol of kindness, devotion and strength. Your constant stability and dignity have demonstrated genuine leadership and you will be truly missed. The world has lost a role model and shining light, may you now rest in peace." Claire Binns, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Thank you, your majesty, for 70 remarkable years of immaculate service to our wonderful country." Mark Judd, United Kingdom, Affiliate

"My thoughts are with the Royal Family at the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The 7th November 1979 is still clearly imprinted in my mind when the Queen passed through our village following a visit to Warrington.Her life of service can never be questioned, and I am honoured to count myself as one of her servants during her reign." Joanne Price, United Kingdom, IOSH Vice President

"The end of a era for the UK & Commonwealth" Kieran McGuire, UK, Chartered Member 

"With grateful thanks for your long years of dedication and service to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Rest In Peace." Alan Connor, Scotland, CMIOSH

"As an Army Officer and holder of the Queens Warrant I was deeply saddened when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 passed away. I had met her on 3 occasions, firstly as a 7 year old boy in the highlands of Scotland when she visited Dingwall Academy, then at RMA Sandhurst some years later and finally 6 years ago at a very private event. Each time she spoke to me I was left with the feeling of being heard and appreciated - God bless Her and keep her safe." Don Urquhart, United Kingdom, Member

"My sincere condolences to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth's family and friends on her recent passing. I offer my greatest thanks to her, she was devoted to her duties working right to the end. Such a sad loss and her death will be deeply felt by many. thankyou for your wonderful and devoted service. Barbara Jarrett" Barbara Jarrett, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave more to this country than most of us will ever appreciate. I truly mourn her loss but also take solace in the legacy she has left this country. We now have a King that she expertly trained and his heir is ready as well the monarchy will change but the queen has built that change. Rest well your memory will live on eternal." Graham Rolinson, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH 

"As both a veteran and Past President of IOSH, and a person who met the Queen twice during my career, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to you, our Queen, for all the years of dedicated service you gave to our country and the Commonwealth, where IOSH has many members. You fulfilled your promise and went above and beyond showing leadership, knowledge, integrity, compassion and understanding in your duties. You set us all an example to follow. My condolences also go the the members of the Royal Family who survive you, the world is a better place for your efforts. Thank you ma'am and may you rest in peace." Tim Briggs, United Kingdom, Past President

"Although not a royalist I had enormous respect for the Queen as a monarch and a person. Although small in stature she was huge in respect, admiration and love the whole world over. I was fortunate to be invited to Buckingham Palace and it is a memory I will never forget. May you rest in peace" David Cowie, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"My Mourn to Passed Away Her Majesty and Condolences to Royal Family." Yasser Berzan

"On behalf of myself and my wife, we would like thank Queen Elizabeth the Second for her 70 years of rule over the kingdom and commonwealth and for her ever-caring presence for every patron that were within her rule. May she rest in peace for evermore." Keith Chappell, United Kingdom, Chartered Member 

"My deepest condolences to the Royal family on the sad news of the death of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. May god rest her soul." Anthony Kasapi, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Our Queen will be missed dearly. RIP God save the king" Graham Woffinden, UK, Associate Member 

"Having served my Queen for circa 27 years and having the fondest of memories having met her on several occasions during my 59 years of life. I can say without hesitation she has been the most inspirational figure globally in our lifetime. Queen Elizabeth II (The Great) God Look Over Our Gracious Queen - God Save the King" Mark Piacentini, United Kingdom

"The passing of our Queen has changed the way our country will work. She was and will always be remembered as a strong leader, compassionate, understated and a woman that I inspire to be like. Remembered for her 'normality' even though her royal status would have allowed her to be aloof, she was and always will be the peoples Queen. Indirectly she has allowed it to become more accepted for Woman to be in higher positions. Never forgotten. A respected lady that will go down in history for many many good reasons." Julie Ann Suttle, United Kingdom, Associate Member

"Our beautiful beloved Queen was so much part of our lives and hearts. Feel we have lost someone special. Sincere thanks for your life and sacrificial service Your majesty." Paul King, United Kingdom, Graduate 

"Having had the pleasure of meeting Queen Elizabeth twice and always seeing it as a privilege, she made everyone feel special and took great interest in them. She will not only be missed in the UK and Commonwealth but around the world. May she rest in peace." Bernadette OLeary, England, Grad IOSH

"Very Sad, I am72 years old and Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch I have ever known. Very sad to see her passing." Terence Mead, England, CMIOSH

"Goodnight Mam, you have reigned for my whole life and it has been an honour for me to have you as my Monarch, may you rest in the peace you deserve." Christopher Handley, UK, Graduate IOSH

"Queen Elizabeth II - Not a personality but a history making lady; who made her name serving her nation in Distinguish, she isn't a part of history but a history keep herself as an asset. Rest in Peace HM Queen Elizabeth II." Muhammad Naveed, Saudi Arabia, Grad IOSH

"I am so sorry to hear this news Please accept my condolences." Yasser Hassan, United Arab Emirates

"Thank you for your unstinting service and the example of duty set to all of us. We are honoured to have had you as our Queen. Safe travels on the next stage of your journey. RIP Ma’am" Mary Carter, Chartered member

"A true example of integrity, loyalty, dedication and a fabulous work ethic. A woman who juggled all of life's good times and bad times (personal or public)with good grace, common sense and honesty. RIP Your Majesty." Lorraine Bedford, Ireland, Technician

"Thank you for your long service and all you have done and achieved for the UK. You will be greatly missed. RIP and God bless you." Rodney Moxham, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"What an outstanding job you did for the people of your country, may you now dance for ever ìn Philips arms." Julie Bowerman-Jenner , UK, Branch Volunteer

"A true and Loyal Monarch who served the country and the commonwealth with understanding empathy and at times courage. May she rest in Peace. After all her dedication to her duties and her subjects she can finally join her beloved husband." Mark Glanfield, United Kingdon, Tech IOSH

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, It is a privilege to be part of an organisation that is recognised by HM the Queen, and I and we can only do our best in our day job to make the industries we work in to make them safer going forward into the reign of King Charles the third, Long live the King. Frank Tipping " Frank Tipping, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH 

"A great sadness at the passing of Her Majesty. Long live the King." Paul Cramant, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Condolences I express my deepest condolences to the United Kingdom on the sad news, may her soul Rest In Peace" Mahmoud  Abdelghani , United Arab Emirates , Technical IOSH

"you served our country with dedication. Rest in Peace. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” | John 3:16" David Whaley, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Heartfelt condolence wishes to the Royal Family and people of United Kingdom for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. May her soul rest in peace." Adekunle Abel Olaosebikan, United Kingdom, Graduate Member

"RIP our Great Queen" Mark Harvie, UK, Chartered

"I swore an oath to the queen many years ago, as a young soldier and It still stands today its sad to loose a Queen who gave her all to her people." Kieth Burnham, United Kingdom, Tech-IOSH

"Rest in Peace Your Majesty" John Linehan, Ireland

"An inspirational woman and leader who had a lot to give to the world rip your Majesty you were great and you will be missed" Andrew Slater, United Kingdom

"Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth you brought stability and showed devotion to duty for so long during good and difficult times showing an example to others, for that we thank you... God Bless" Andrew Sherwin, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"The loss of Her Majesty has impacted on the world, and we feel the sadness even at the southern tip of Africa. Sending His Majesty King Charles III, his family, the people and colleagues in the UK and British commonwealth strength during this time." Claire Deacon, South Africa, Graduate Member

"You will be sadly missed your majesty - may you now find peace" Steve Winstanley, UK, CFIOSH

"Rest in Peace, most noble Queen. You touched so many lives, and forever, you're in our hearts." Emmanuel Oleabhiele, Qatar, CMIOSH

"Long may you continue to reign in all our hearts" Gary Latimer, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"She was like my mum. Easy to approach and thought the best of everyone. She will be missed." Ian Gaynor, Isle of man, Tech member

"Such an inspiration to all you served, you will be missed and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your people over the years." Robert Hudson, United Kingdom, Associate Member

"Had the privilege to meet Her Majesty on a couple of occasions. Will always remember her radiant smile and how big she made me feel. Sad passing of a great lady. Long live the King" Mark Elliman, England, Chartered Member

"Thank you for being such a steady guide and consistent force for the whole country. God be with you." Simon Jones, United Kingdom , Member

"My deepest and sincere condolences to the Royal Family" Asharaf Sulaiman , India

"I wish to add my condolences to The Royal Family and all those close to The Queen. Through granting IOSH a Royal Charter, our profession has made significant improvements by raising awareness of Health and Safety in the Workplace." Grace Davey, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Sending my deepest condolences to the Royal Family at such a sad time. Her Majesty the Queen was a role model to us all and you must be so proud to call her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother." Wendy Clewes

"Sadly I never had the opportunity to meet The Queen in person, although I did see her several times. The first time, walking home, a car passed by me and less than a couple of feet away was The Queen, being driven home from the Chelsea Flower Show. It gave me such a thrill to see her. From that time on, I made a point of watching her leave the Flower Show every year from my bedroom window. She would leave quietly via the Caterers Gate, where there were no crowds, Not many people can say they used to watch The Queen from their bedroom. She was an amazing Monarch who served her Country loyally and with enormous grace and dignity. For a diminutive woman she leaves huge shoes to fill." Kim Santana, UK, Tech IOSH

"Dear Sirs, My family and I send our sincerest condolences on the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time RIP, Queen Elizabeth II" Kevin Coleman, United Arab Emirates, CFIOSH

"It's was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a leader leading great nation of United Kingdom, her continuous support, concern and contributions towards Occupational health and safety around the world especially in United Kingdom definitely noticed. Passing my condolences to whole the world and particularly for UK nation. Rest in peace and thank you." Mohammed Bhaaaldien, Sudan, GradIOSH

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been the most loyal, committed, dedicated leader of our time. Giving the words ‘service’ and 'duty' a totally new meaning and definition. I am proud to be able to say that I served in her Armed Forces. Rest In Peace 'Mam' your duty is now completed and will always be remembered. Thank you" Darren Brunton, Singapore, CFIOSH

"It is the greatest sorrow and sadness that we lost a great leader. The Queen will always be remembered not only because she was the longest reign monarch but for her work she did." Hevylen Seenan, UK, Chartered member

"Thank you for the contributions to IOSH as well as Hong Kong, I would like to send my sincere condolences to The Royal Family." Wai Fung Cheung, Hong Kong, CMIOSH

"Thank you Ma'am for being the shining light of consistency, stability and love in our country and the rest of your Commonwealth. You are all we have known for the last 70 years as our Queen and Sovereign. You will be missed dearly and have left a hole in all our lives. Your legacy will last for centuries in your people of the United Kingdom. Rest in Peace our Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and may you be eternally happy in the arms of your Prince again forever more." Martin McGeever, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"We thank you for all the contributions you have made to all a small nation lile ours an opportunity to be hear." Martin Rampersad , Trinidad and Tobago , GradMember

"Your Majesty, now is your time to rest and once again join your beloved husband, after your 70 years of duty and service. Your reign will never be bettered, the world is a much better place having had you in it, god bless, goodnight and thank you." Claire Sully, United Kingdom, Technical

"It is with great sadness that I learnt of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She will be remembered as an inspiration to all. For her 70 year reign she will be remembered in history. I saw her in the 70's when she came to Leicester to visit Jones and Shipmans. I was with my school, in the crowd and only saw her from a distance but it was a great memory which I treasure. My condolences go to the Royal family at this difficult time." Julie Kondracki , United Kingdom, GradIOSH 

"For us the nation, we have lost our Queen. For the Royal family, a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother. Her Majesty the Queen was a remarkable lady in every sense. An inspirational role model for so many. My sincere heartfelt condolences to each member of the Royal family and their extended family. Rest in peace your Majesty. Rest now with your husband the Duke of Edinburgh." Michelle Pitkin, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"RIP your majesty. You have served our nation for 70 years with dedication, honesty and integrity. You have made us so proud. Thank you, sleep tight." David Booth, United Kingdom, TECH IOSH

"My deepest sympathies to your family and close ones and thank you for your unrelenting services to our country. Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II. God Save The King" Brian Goulding, United Kingdom, Chartered

"It's been an honour to have Her Majesty as our sovereign and leading light, my whole family and I with Her Majesty's family our sincere condolences at this time, the whole of our country has to face a sad loss of such a wonderful leader. The Queen has passed, Long Live the King" Mark Fisher, United Kingdom, Chartered Member 

"My sincere condolence to the people of UK for the passing of their beloved queen . RIP" Ahmed Soueidi, Mauritania, IOSH Tech.

"You will be sadly missed. In all my years in England and the common wealth you were a constant person." Mark Bush, United Kingdom , Tech IOSH

"Thanks for being there, making one feel secure. My sincere condolences to the members of the Immediate Royal family. May God be with you on next journey RIP." Jonathan Coia, Scotland, TECH IOSH

"Am amazing woman who dedicated her life to this country. Thank you ma'am" Samantha Austin, United Kingdom

"As a veteran of the armed forces, I can honestly say it was a pleasure & an honour to have served in her name. Stand down Ma’am" Philip Kelly, England, TechIOSH

"A great legacy, outstanding service and unforgettable personality. Irreparable loss to the country and world. May her soul achieve eternal peace" Dr Neelesh Sogani, Oman 

"I am deeply saddened by the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, I have never known life without her stoical lead at the head of the royal family. I wish to leave my condolences to the family. Long live the King" Rael Rigley, United Kingdom, Technical Member

"RIP your Majesty. God bless you and thank you for your unwavering service and guidance to us all." Roger Cooke, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"The Queen's life is a example to us all. Caring, Trustworthy, Honest, Committed to duty and upheld the Christian Faith's values. Even though the Queen was of high status, she had time for the people. I am sure when she arrived at the Pearly gates she was greeted by Jesus Christ who will have said 'Well done my Good and Faithful Servant' enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." Keith hornsby, United Kingdom, technical member

"Dear HRH, I gladly served you for 7 years and we also shared the same birthday, 13th June. You will be a great lose not only to the nation but to the whole world, my you with God's help rest in piece." James Donald, Ireland, Tech Member

"It is with great sadness that I offer my sincerest condolences on the passing of our wonderful Queen. I served my country with pride in her honour. Her reign shall be remembered for many great things, but what stands out is her attention to her subjects, her compassion and her empathy. She will be greatly missed. Long live the King" Heather Beaumont, United Kingdom, Grad

"I feel deep sympathy for the Royal family on losing there family member and for the country who loses the lady who was Queen of our country for longer than a lot of people have lived. Her Majesty the queen always performed her duties with grace honour and humility rest in peace your highness" Wendy Francis, United Kingdom

"My sincere condolences to the royal family and close friends of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II." Scott Ellis, United Kingdom, Chartered member 

"Rest in peace Ma'am. Thank you for your life of service. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this sad time." Mary Crawford, United Kingdom, CMIOSH (Retired)

"Our deepest condolence to the Royal Family at the loss of our Queen who has served not only our nation but all the nations of the Commonwealth." Terry Cook, United Kingdom, member

"Thank you for all your years of service not only to UK but you are the icon of the entire world Rest In Peace" Ronald Dsilva, Kuwait, Member 

"A gentle goodbye and gratitude to a leader woman, who witness the world's changes overcoming difficulty and uncertainly in a century of humanity." Maritza Perilla-Gibney, Canada, Graduate Member 

"Rest in peace your Majesty. You have been an inspiration to all. May your courage and example help King Charles find the strength to follow in your footsteps." Shaun Philip Iype, Bahrain, Student Membership

"Your Majesty, In the words used by your grieving son, our new Monarch King Charles III, I would like to thank you. Thank you for your service to public duty, and for being a constant beacon of light, showing strength and fortitude throughout turbulent times and societal change. May you now rest in peace with your beloved Prince Philip and the 30 much-loved Corgis and other dogs you've had throughout your long and well-lived life. The benefits to Great British and the Commonwealth and Realms gained through the Elizabethan era will live on and be felt for centuries to come." Andrea Lakin, Great Britain, TechIOSH

"As a Veteran of 30 years’ service I had the great pleasure and joy of meeting with Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on a number of occasions, most notably and enjoyably when on duty at her beloved Balmoral as part of her Royal Guard. Your unwavering strength and dedication to duty and country has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. May God bless you, and keep you. God save the King." John Freel, United Kingdom, Graduate of IOSH

"God bless and keep your Majesty. You were my Queen, my Leader, the Head of my Faith and my exemplar. Your constancy and steadfastness was our rock and your courage and strength was unparalleled. You kept your promise to us and never wavered. We will miss you so much. Thank you Ma'am." Sara Spence, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"As a former veteran I’ve been proud to wear your uniform, serve in your Army and swear allegiance to you. Thank you for everything Ma’am" Peter Quigley, United Kingdom

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of Queen. She will be truly missed and will always be remembered. May her soul rest in peace." BASU CHAPAGAIN, NEPAL, AFFILIATE MEMBER

"Like others it was with much sadness that I learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In my younger years I served in the RAF volunteer reserves for seven years taking the Oath of Allegiance. I... swear by Almighty God (do solemnly, and truly declare and affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Queen Elizabeth I, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, and of the (admirals / generals/ air officers) and officers set over me. (So help me God.) I never met the fine lady but was willing to serve to the N the degree. she will be missed." BARRIE ETTER, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"We have lost a great Monarch and will be greatly missed. God Bless you Ma’am." Michael Smith, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Condolences to the Royal Family and friends of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her passing. A Queen of integrity, love, humility and servanthood from a loyal subject in South Africa" Timothy Madgwick, South Africa, Technical member

"Condolences to the extended royal family on the loss of a great lady. She will be fondly remembered around the world and will go down in history as the ultimate example of a long and glorious reign" Kay Baxter, Ireland, CMIOSH

"Thank you for your service, dignity and grace" Philip Gospage, England, Technical Member

"Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories". At this dark hour, International Finance Magazine remembers the memories & Legacy left behind by "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II". I would like to echo my sentiment condolences as I heard this sad news of the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth. She was a Sterling lady who derived force in many things including Signing the Royal Charter, that strengthens the health & safety standards and it sets out many codes that we Safety practitioners are adhering. IOSH Merseyside Branch send our absolute condolences to her family. RIP Our Queen. X" Mohammad Aftab Alam, Saudi Arabia, CMIOSH

"When I was in my early 20's I was working for a heating firm that was adjacent to Hereford railway station, I think it was about 1996 and I had the pleasure of seeing the Queen on a special visit to Hereford, I thought she looked radiant and had the most immaculate green suit on. In May 2017 myself and a colleague had the pleasure of attending RoSPA centenary at Buckingham Palace, it was wonderful occasion and fantastic to be able to attend the home of Queen Elizabeth 11, sun shone all day to mark the occasion. Thank you for being a wonderful queen, I will greatly miss you." Clare Brown, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"A woman who was our Head of State , Head of her Family , and Head of the Commonwealth. A person who with dignity , deep compassion, quiet diligence and determination of duty gave us all an example of excellence in work and true humanity. A lady who was an often unseen presence in our lives. I am honoured to have had her as my Sovereign." Richard  Spencer, UK, Chartered Member

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of HRH Queen Elizabeth II - she was an inspiration to many and served her country amazingly over the years" Jean Watt, England, Member

"Thank you for your unwavering, committed years of service to us all. Over the past Decades you have lead by example and show the world what true leadership is. we are all on this world temporary and our acts and deeds is what we will be remembered by. If I am able to have a impact on this world as a small percentage of what you were able to archived I will be happy. You will be greatly missed." Nick Davies, United Kingdom

"Thank you for being a great model for spreading love, and thanks for bringing such great memory to Hong Kong. We will miss you forever." WING SZE CHEUNG, HONG KONG, Graduate member

"Condolences and our prayers are with the family." Abdul Kuddus Roghey, UAE

"We are deeply saddened by the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a highly respected international personality. Our sincere condolences to the Royal family and the people of UK. May her soul Rest In Peace." Arun Subramanian , India , Grad IOSH

"The Queen left a significant mark in UK and she will always be remembered fondly." Steven Low, Singapore, CFIOSH

"My sincere thoughts and condolences are with the Royal family at this very sad time. RIP your majesty. Surely you will always be remembered." Rogelio Dayrit, Saudi Arabia, TechIOSH

"My condolences to the royal family and all the British people on the death of Queen Elizabeth II." Alhasan  Assiri , saudia arabia , Tech Iosh

"The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, West Africa Division (IOSH WAD) is deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Her 70-year reign has seen significant support and advances in workplace health and safety standards as she granted IOSH a Royal Charter in 2002. On behalf of the IOSH WAD, we send our sincere condolences and support to members of The Royal Family and the entire Commonwealth Nations." Temitope Mudele, Nigeria

"Thank you for everything.. Your service and dedication to the Country has been incredible. Rest well your Majesty.. you are for forever in our thoughts" Ian Locke, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH member

"To her Majesty, thank you for your years of service to this great nation. Your unwavering strength and dedication to duty and country has been an inspiration to us all. May god bless and keep you." David Puntan, Wales, TechIOSH

"Goodnight Boss, I pledged my allegiance to you (the crown) whilst serving in your Army Reserves - I only managed 12 years but you managed 70 years. I thank you with all my heart for your true dedication to our great nation. RIP. God Save the King" Lee Dingwall , UK, GradIOSH

"Thank you for your service to our country and for the example that you have set to the world in your duty and dedication to the crown and putting others before yourself." Melanie  Holt, United Kingdom , Tech IOSH

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of our queen a queen who served her country till the end! Rest in peace your majesty you will certainly be missed." Karen Waddington, United Kingdom

"Queen Elizabeth II the Great Queen a true and loyal servant to her Country the Commonwealth an inspiration to the world you will be deeply and sadly missed God bless RIP your Majesty." Mark Spaven, UK England, CMIOSH

"Rest in peace HRH Queen Elizabeth II. She would forever be in our hearts and memory as a person of great strength and dedicated service. Condolences to the Royal Family and sending love and support to King Charles III." Anjanie Bridglal, Trinidad and Tobago, GradIOSH

"Your Majesty, You have done your duty as you promised to do. As a true Monarch you set us an example of; Duty, Honesty, Loyalty and to help to others. You showed leadership for all faiths, and those without faith. I pray you rest in peace after a job well do" Anthony Moore, United Kingdom, Graduate Member (retire)

"Thank you, Your Majesty for your impeccable service. Now, rest in peace" Stephen Asbury, UK, Fellow

"Lead by example to highest of standards. Gave inspiration to all generations. Thank you our Queen RIP." John Foulstone, England, Affilliate

“She's done such a wonderful job for her country as well as for entire world” Sami Ullah, Pakistan

"My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family and the entire citizens & residents of the UK and commonwealth nations on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She was an inspiration to many and led an absolutely remarkable life. God rest her soul. Long live the King!" Kennedy Nwokedi , UK, GradIOSH

"Rest in Peace your Majesty, throughout my life from child to Married adult with children who are now adults themselves. There has been different Prime Ministers, & Presidents, but you have been the one constant that has never changed in my life. God Bless You." Shane Simpson, United Kingdom, Tech. IOSH

"It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of the Queen. During her long reign, she showed a devotion to her duties and her subjects that will be remembered for a long time. She served as an example to us all in how to fulfill our role in the profession we have chosen." Anthony Hilton, United Kingdom, CMIOSH (retired)

"To Our Beloved Queen - The hearts of the people across the Nation, your Realms, Commonwealth and the world are broken on the news of your death. People around the world are in mourning on your passing, flowers have been laid, tributes left and people from across the country and the world have watched your final journey home from your beloved Balmoral Castle to Buckingham Palace. Crowds have gathered to come together in grief to remember you and give thanks for all you have achieved in your lifetime, you have again united your Nation. Your family have done your proud on your final journey never leaving you on your own as you travel your country for one last time. Our Amazing Queen who reigned with dignity and grace for 70 years you gave your service and your life to your people and kept your promise right to the end. God Rest Our Beautiful Queen back in the arms of the love of life HRH Duke of Edinburgh Im sure he will have come for you and took your hand in his. There will never be another Monarch like you who will reign as long as you. You dedicated your life to service of your people and you will never be forgotten. May you forever fly high on the wings of angels and dance among the stars xxx" Lyndsey Wicks - CMIOSH MIIRSM IMaPS EurOSHM, UK, Chartered Member

"It was very sad news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, I recall going to the Palace with my family 25 years ago to receive an MBE from Her Majesty . I will never forget that day where her generosity and kind words are indelibly imprinted on my mind, thank you for your service to our nation & the commonwealth Mam & now RIP HRH xx" Wayne Bagnall MBE, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"A truly inspirational woman whose service and dedication to her country is unrivalled. My sincere condolences to all of the Royal Family as she will be greatly missed." Deborah Walton, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"A great person who served her people with respect and dignity. A queen that will always be remembered. Rest in peace" Joseph Bryce, United Kingdom

"May we all miss you physically, but emotionally you are always with us. Sending heartfelt condolences." Ramesh Adari, India

"A life totally given to the service of her country. May Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace." Fiona Gilbert, UK, Fellow

"I had hoped that her majesty would continue in her reign as a exceptional leader and lady, a leader who's quality's we as members must aspire to. But alas and very very sadly it wasn't to be. From Boy to Man she has been a constancy in my life as she has for millions of others. I am not afraid to say that I'm deeply saddened by her passing as is many many of our Irish citizens. I wish her son the King all the best. He is going to need all our support. I sincerely hope Queen Elizabeth is with her Husband Philip in peace & Love." James McLoughlin, Ireland, GradIOSH

"It's really saddened to hear the loss of the longest serving Queen without any warning of health problems. her actions throughout the world gave a lot of impacts. she will always be remembered and will be the only Queen to be able to rule for 70 years."Syarqawi Sunarto, Brunei, TechIOSH

"On behalf of the South Cumbria & North Lancashire Branch, I would like to express our sincere condolences on the sad loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" Mark Ian Dandy, UK, CFIOSH

"You were and always shall be an inspiration to all, on how to conduct oneself as per their role, good manners and morals. You shall be sorely missed. It has been an honour to have lived under your gracious reign." Carl Sykes, England, CMIOSH

"A wonderful person who upheld her commitment God and to all of us in the UK and across the Commonwealth and who was respected throughout the world. Her Majesty showed us what true service meant - may we follow her example. She will be missed by all for whom she was the only Sovereign we had known. Many thoughts, prayers and condolences to King Charles III and all the Royal Family as they mourn the death of a beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. May she rest in peace and rise in glory." Fran Childs, United Kingdom, CMIOSH(retd)

"Your Majesty, Thank you so very much for serving our country impeccably and dedicating you life to the people of the commonwealth. You were a role model to millions and had become the nation’s grandmother. You will be greatly missed. In deepest sympathy to your family." Aron Pearson, Great Britain, Tech IOSH

"I was deeply saddened by the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. My heartfelt condolences go out to the royal family. Her majesty’s steadfast loyalty, dedication and commitment to her country and the commonwealth was truly inspiring" Kevin Bell, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"I swore an Oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 32 years ago when i joined the British Army and it was one of the proudest day of my life. The world will never be the same without her. God Bless You and Thank You Ma'am!!"Reg Hodson, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Deeply saddened by the loss of HM Queen Elizabeth, Hope the descendant will be able to fulfil the vacuum following the legacy she left behind....RIP" Ahmed Ajmal, India, Affiliate

"My Thoughts and Prayers are with the Royal Family at this sad Time. Queen Elizabeth will always be remembered for her visit to Ireland and her assistance with the reconciliation for peace between our two Countries." James McConnell, Ireland, CMIOSH

"Our dearest Queen Elizabeth, you have been a constant throughout my entire life, highly intelligent, caring and loving in everything you did and always for your people. You will be extremely missed but you are now at peace with your beloved Husband. RIP dear lady." Nina Powell, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Rest In Peace Your Majesty. Many thanks for your loyal service, say hello to our lovely daughter Sophie, I'm sure she will sing you a sweet song xxx" Peter Spencer, United Kingdom, Member

"Her Majesty has been a constant in this country and all over the Commonwealth for seven decades. Her promise in the early 50's to serve the country, whether her life be short or long, was borne out by the exemplary service she gave, to the last. I made an oath of service in 1975 which I have kept and will maintain to His Majesty King Charles III until my dying day. May Her Majesty now rest in Peace with her Prince Philip and rise to Glory with her Saviour. Life race run. Now comes Rest." David Wilson, Northern Ireland, Chartered Member

"Thank you M’am for the years of service, dedication and commitment. You will be sadly missed. RIP." Keith Knox , Scotland , GradIOSH

"Queen Elizabeth II is truely a fantastic lady, a role model, and a true leader. One of the greatest Monarchs to have ever lived. 70 years of unblemished reign and global respect. Ma’am, you will be missed and remembered all over the world, and bless our new King, Charles III." Anjum Khan, United Kingdom, Chartered Fellow

"Exemplary Service, a truly wonderful person. Proud to have served you Mam, my oath will continue with Charles III. RIP your duty is done." Kevin Gifford, Ireland, TechIOSH

"RIP Ma'am. Thank you for everything you have done for us. It has been a pleasure to serve you as a police officer. Rest easy we will take it from here, God bless" Peter Benton, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You have lived an exemplary life of leadership, service, and duty above all else. Your example will never be forgotten, and hopefully will be copied by many in the years to come. The nation mourns, and the world remembers." Paul Wainwright, South Africa, Affiliate Member

"Thank you for being our comfort blanket for all these years Thank You x" Mark Williamson, England, Tech IOSH

"What a wonderful and truly inspirational woman - such devotion to her people, her God and her duty. Remembered with love and respect. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. May she rest in peace." DAVID BEST, United Kingdom

"Thank for your service. You have been an exemplar of duty, honour and steadfastness. We send our condolences to the Royal Family at this difficult time." Helen Tapley-Taylor, UK, CFIOSH

"You have been the rock of Great Britain. You have served it with grace and dignity and you will be sadly missed." Janette Ede, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"To all UK and the world it is big lost the death of the Queen. Rest in peace " Mohammed Alhajji, Saudi Arabia , Grad Iosh

"Rest in peace ma'am you have done this country proud throughout your reign." Clive Illingworth, UK, CMIOSH

"My condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen will be missed. God Save the King." Roy Mcknight, Canada

"My thoughts go out to the Royal Family at this sad time. I still clearly remember when the Queen passed through our village in November 1979 and the excitement that swept through the whole community at catching a glimpse of our Queen. Her Majesty's commitment to her role was unquestionable and an example to us all. I feel blessed to say I was one of her subjects." Joanne Price, United Kingdom, IOSH Vice President

"I had the great pleasure in meeting the Queen and shaking her had at the opening of the Windsor building at the Leicester Royal infirmary hospital in December 1993 when I was 9 years old, at the age of 37 now I still remember this day vividly and how there was a family 'in ' joke, when the wider adults in family were discussing the famous people they had met in their lifetime and my Nana Peggy being very pleased showing off her autograph from Norman Wisdom, I piped up from behind a wall 'I've met the queen!' ironically the most famous woman in the world, and there was lots of laughter had. Now is a new era, I have been very honoured to be an Elizabethan under your reign. Your Majesty, you will be missed x" Hannah Loines, Leicester, England

"I swore the oath for the Queen in 1997 with the Kings regiment and the Queen was our Colonel and Chief. I later transferred to the Royal Army Physical Training Corp completing 22 years for Queen and Country. I am truly saddened from the loss of Queen Elizabeth but will cherish all the memories from growing up with such an iconic Queen in my life." Michael Corkhill, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"It was sadness news when the world learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was not only a monarch but also a tremendous female leader whose values will long outlive her reign. My thoughts are with the Royal Family, its household, and the many people whose lives she has touched so dearly." Kashif Waheed, United Arab Emirates, Grad IOSH

"Rest in peace you Majesty." Gaetano Cristiano, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"As a son of England it was with great sadness that my family and I learnt of Her Majesty's passing. My deepest condolences to the Royal household, as we all share the feeling of loss. We pray for a safe and prosperous United Kingdom, Territories and Commonwealth. God Save The King!" Danny Hole, South Africa, GRAD IOSH

"Thank you for your dedication to service and being the best example of living a full life." Michael Healey, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Grateful thanks to a dedicated monarch who will be sadly missed." Sue Williams, UK, Chartered

"It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Not only was she a fantastic leading and role model for many, she was a lovely individual who touched so many hearts. My thoughts are with the Royal Family." Kieren Lucas, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Your Majesty, your long reign over our country has truly been inspirational and you will be sorely missed not only by your family but also by all of us in the UK (and around the World). You are back with Philip now. Remembered always." Tracy Rogerson, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Rest in Peace our dearly beloved Queen. Your service to your Empire is unequalled and inspiring. You will be sorely missed by millions..." Simon Bradshaw, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Rest in eternal peace. My deepest sympathy to the Royal family on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She was an amazing woman and will be sadly missed. On behalf of all my family and me, I would like to send our deepest condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth" Robin George, United Arab Emirate, Graduate Member

"With heartfelt thanks for the Queen's commitment, faithfulness and service over so many decades. Her servant leadership was inspiring. My thoughts are with her family and all those close to her." Margaret Hanson, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"It was with great sorrow and shock that I learnt of the passing of our Queen Elizabeth II. She has been a shing example of a life dedicated service and duty. Our country has lost a truly remarkable lady whose love for this country and for millions across the globe has been an example to us all. I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to her family and the nation at this time of sorrow. I also wish to send my best wishes to our King Charles III for a long and successful reign as our new monarch." Chris Kennedy , UK, Grad IOSH member

"It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of your majesty . Your dedication to your people was an inspiration to us all. I send my sympathy and best wishes to the royal family for their great loss" Jill Dillamore, Great Britian, Tech retired

"Thanks for your service, rest in peace." Derek Todd , Scotland , Member 

"Your Majesty, Thank you for your kindness and support over the last 70 years, you have given us the strength and support we have need as a country and commonwealth. I was very lucky to have met you at a garden party in 2018 and at Royal Ascot, one of your favorite past times and it was lovely to see you and your family enjoying those special occasions. You will be dearly missed." Nicola Jenkins-Graham, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Thank you your Majesty for your unwavering service, humility and sense of humour. You were an example to us all in happy times and times of adversity. You were the granny I never had but felt like you were always there to reassure me and put your arm around me. May you rest in peace. God bless." Norman McLeod, UK-Scotland, GradIOSH

"Your strength and stability was very inspiring. It is a privilege to be alive during your reign! We miss you ma! Rest in peace." Jennifer Ugele , UK, IOSH Member 

"A truly remarkable woman who left an indelible mark in the hearts of women and men and paid her dues. She will be forever be remembered for the role she played in the lives of many who came into contact with her. Rest well Queen in the bosom of our Maker." Alfred Chinbuah, Ghana

"Rest in peace your majesty." David Anderson, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"An end of an Era, thank you for all your devotion and service . You will be truly missed by the whole nation. Rest in peace your Majesty." Adam Burke, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Her Majesty was a rock and foundation to our national identity. A beacon of dignity and tradition that I grew up with and was so loved and respected within my family. I remember how we always stopped and watched the Queens speech on Christmas day, it was mandatory viewing; to being lifted on my dads shoulders to see her pass by during a visit to Glasgow when I was a child, to standing to attention with my dad during the trouping of the colour (especally when his old regiment The Scots Guards) were on parade. It was Queen Elizabeth (who kindly share her name with my mother) who centred it all and I have respected her as long as I have know. At this sad time for the Royal Family is saddens me to see so much hate and disrespect within social media, forgetting that they are a family grieving the loss of a mother, grandmother, great grandmother as I have done n the past. I look forward to a different monarchy in the future, whilst maintaining the traditions also aware and championing the challenges society faces, and I hope our new King Charles III is able to bring in this balance. God Save the King " Sam Baxter, Scotland, Chartered Member 

"The United Kingdom is the poorer with the loss of Her Majesty the Queen. The nation has lost a great mother not only to the UK but in commonwealth and the entire world. She was such a great asset to the culture and beauty of this nation. She represented the symbol of unity. My generation was born during her reign and became adults in her time. Most of our memories of the United Kingdom are incomplete without mentioning her name. She will be greatly missed. May she rest in eternal peace." Vitalis Ndeda, United Kingdom, CFIOSH

"Thank you for your 70 years of unfaltering dedication to your people and country. It is with much sadness that we have to say goodbye to a exceptional lady. May you now rest in peace and be reunited with your loving husband. Thanks again Ma'am" Zoe Williams, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"In memory of our late Queen Elizabeth II, may she rest in peace. Reflecting on her commitment to recognise all the Commonwealth and countries beyond and her selfless work and for her example to care and love all others during her long reign under the guidance of her faith." CORAL BONNICK-RUSSELL, CYPRUS, CMIOSH

"May the lord take up in his arms and enjoy his Kingdom forever Amen." LAWRENCE CACHIA, Malta, miosh member 

"With deepest sympathies. Rest in peace Ma’am" Karl Simons, UK, Chartered member

"Her Majesty was a beloved icon of all of our eras. The moral compass and heart of our nation. Impeccable service and leadership, a constant, unwavering inspiration. Thank you for your service Ma’am. You are loved." Antony Walker, England, Chartered Member

"I like to express on my condolences and sympathy to the royal family on this sad occasion." Alaaldeen Al Soukhni, Qatar, CMIOSH 

"It is great sadness to have lost our Queen. There will be no one like her, a truly amazing person, to lead in front of so many people. Your have done the greatest Job ma'am. You'll be missed by so many people." Helen Blackband, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Thanks marm for all the years of service. Now rest and let Charles take the raynes god bless" Mark Whittaker , Uk, Affiliate 

"On behalf of my family and I, we extend our deepest, heartfelt and sincerest condolences to members of the Royal Family, citizens of the United Kingdom and the peoples of the Commonwealth on the death of Queen Elizabeth 11 May her legacy of service to God and mankind live on for many years to come." Deonanan Jagdip, Trinidad and Tobago, MIOSH

"Thank you Ma'am for your lifetime of duty, you have been an inspiration for the whole of my life. You were my "boss" for 6 and a half years when I served in the Women's Royal Naval Service (before they went to sea!) - the proudest years of my life. You will be greatly missed by everyone in this country and around the world. Rest now, and be with Philip again. God save the King." Allison Bentley, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"You served your country well, with true class and honour. I am proud to have served you and my country and proud to call you the best boss I have had or will probably ever have. You will now be reunited with your loving husband and both will watch over the UK and the commonwealth. I hope by your example I can lead just as well on day in a work compacity and with the elegance you Rest in peace ma'am" Victoria McCauley, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Thank you for your unrelenting service, your dignity and for inspiring generations not only in the UK but Globally. The most treasured monarch the world had the privilege to experience. God Bless the Queen" James Catnach, United Kingdom, Chartered

"It is with great sadness that I send deepest condolences to King Charles and other members of the Royal household after the announcement of the death of the most wonderful Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth will be greatly missed by many. The nation has lost its matriarch. The whole nation and Commonwealth enters a period of mourning for the most respected, hard working and loyal individual of modern times, who gave her life to her subjects unconditionally. She was humanity at its best. God Save The King." Kevin Heywood, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"To her Majesty, thank you for your years of service to your great nation. Your unwavering strength and dedication to duty and country has been an inspiration to us all. May you rest in peace." Andrea Colombo, Italy, IOSH Affiliate member

"Very saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. An amazing lady who was a role model for so many, not only in this country but across the Commonwealth and the world I was privileged to see Her Majesty on a number of occasions, at a garden party, and in Westminster Abbey concerned with the DofE award scheme, and this year's Trooping the Colour with the Scout Association. God Save The King!" Lesley Gill, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Thanks for your service, rest in peace." Derek Todd , Scotland , Member 

"Your Majesty, Thank you for your kindness and support over the last 70 years, you have given us the strength and support we have need as a country and commonwealth. I was very lucky to have met you at a garden party in 2018 and at Royal Ascot, one of your favorite past times and it was lovely to see you and your family enjoying those special occasions. You will be dearly missed." Nicola Jenkins-Graham, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Thank you your Majesty for your unwavering service, humility and sense of humour. You were an example to us all in happy times and times of adversity. You were the granny I never had but felt like you were always there to reassure me and put your arm around me. May you rest in peace. God bless." Norman McLeod, UK-Scotland, GradIOSH

"Your strength and stability was very inspiring. It is a privilege to be alive during your reign! We miss you ma! Rest in peace" Jennifer Ugele , UK, IOSH Member 

"A truly remarkable woman who left an indelible mark in the hearts of women and men and paid her dues. She will be forever be remembered for the role she played in the lives of many who came into contact with her. Rest well Queen in the bosom of our Maker." Alfred Chinbuah, Ghana

"Rest in peace your majesty." David Anderson, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Our late Queen who was part of the golden generation of real hero's, people that led from the front regardless of the atrocities that they faced. A true example of impeccable standards, that we should all strive to achieve. You will be truly missed by all." Richard Slade, UK, GradIOSH

"It was an honour to serve as a police officer for 30 years of your reign .Rest in peace you will be sadly missed by many but never forgotten .Our thoughts are with your family at this time" Graeme Woodman, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"With a great sadness I learned of the death of Her Majesty the Queen. She was the rock on which our world was held. Her incredible service to the country and all the world will be always the best example of a life dedicated to highest values. I will miss her strong leadership, her integrity and kindness, her unforgettable smile…" Margarita Billingham, United Kingdom, Graduate IOSH

"Your Majesty, you have lived your life in service to your people and we thank you for your stewardship and guidance throughout you long reign and we are forever in your debt. You were our guiding light through all times. Ma'am may you now rest in peace within the arms God eternally. With all best wishes to King Charles III and may his reign emulate yours in Wisdom, love and Charity Thank you" Michael J W Morgan, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Our Dear Queen Elizabeth, you have been our constant in a world of change, you have have been a beacon of light and have reined with with grace and honor. Rest in Peace" Grahame Calver, United Kingdom

"RIP Madam, So many memories of a gracious, extraordinary queen. Thank you for all the years. We will miss you." Lana Chan, Hong Kong

"Thank you for your devoted service and for everything ma'am. Rest in peace your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II."Abdallah Hassim, United Arab Emirates

"Thank you for your loyalty and live long dedication, your majesty. May the legacy of Elizabeth the Great live forever."Neil Morris, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Deepest condolences to the royal family. May the queen’s soul RIP" Priscilla Arulsamy, India, Grad IOSH

"Queen Elizabeth 11 A Fantastic Person RIP!" John Lynch, Ireland, Chartered Member

"Truly a life devoted to great service. R.I.P. Her Majesty the Queen. Condolences from Hong Kong." C.F. CHUI , Hong Kong, CMIOSH

"A global inspiration to all and will be very much missed. Dedicated until the very end. An angel has returned to heaven. Rest in peace HRH Queen Elizabeth II"  Jonathon Newbold, United Kingdom

"Everything depends on time, ultimately on God! Everything has its time and there is an appointed hour for all things under heaven. There is a time to give birth and a time to die. A time to cry and a time to laugh. On 8 of September 2022, the time has come for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to leave this world. God called her to eternity. The Church calls this day;'Dies magna et amara valde', a great and very bitter day! Great day to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II who has ascended into eternity and can see God face to face, and bitter to all of us who remain in this valley of tears. Thank you for all that you have done for Great Britain and for the World, rest in peace, Your Majesty!" Lukasz Lakomiec, UK, Tech-IOSH

"My deepest condolence to the Royal Family and to UK." Andrey Yurchenko

"Deepest condolence to the entire royal family. HM Queen Elizabeth II will be so sorely missed across this nation, the Commonwealth and beyond. She was the Faithful Queen to the end before God and her people and left a legacy that will surely not be equaled. Forever grateful." Gary Carson, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"Thank you your majesty for unwavering service and commitment, as you now lay at rest.'If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue' ( Rudyard Kipling) 'We know the reward is peace on Earth, goodwill towards men, but we cannot win it without determination and concerted effort.' - Christmas broadcast, 1963. Thank you for outlining great values for others to follow you will be greatly missed" John Brown, United Kingdom

"The devotion shown to this country by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was apparent by the years of service and will be hard to beat. May she rest in peace." Jo Hamilton, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. I thank you for being our Queen for this country through all the trials and tribulations. Thank you for allowing me to serve in your Royal Navy and public services for the last 50 years. Your Humble Servant" Robert Briscoe, United Kingdom, Volunteer

"The Queen has been ever-present throughout my life. I met her at a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2005, held to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Society of Arts, of which I was a Fellow. She was charming. Sending my condolences to her son, the King, and his Consort and family. Thank you for your service, ma'am. You will be missed." Dr Stephen Asbury, UK, Chartered Fellow

"Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, thank you for your 70 years of unparalleled service and leadership not only in the UK but also to the rest of the world. The world will truly miss you." ORVILLE BEMIDA, Philippines, Grad IOSH

"I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to the Royal Family and the Queen's friends, acquaintances and employees at this extremely sad time. I wish to express my gratitude for all that Queen Elizabeth has done for our nation and it's people over such a long period. We were privileged to be Elizabethans. Both of my parents served in the British Army and were so proud to 'work for the Queen' - on several occasions I was lucky enough to attend functions with my parents, which the Queen graced with her presence, and I remember the joy and pride she brought to all who attended. Thank you, your Majesty." Allision Kellett, United Kingdom, IOSH Member and Employee

"Thank you for your more than 70 years service and the devotion to the nation and the world. Thank you for your inspiration in how to treat the people around me. May Your Majesty rest in peace. Thank you." Chi Ho Lau, Hong Kong

"Thank you for all your commitment, calmness and management of everything that has come your way. Our country and the world will miss such a strong and caring Queen. Rest in peace now with Phillip." Nikki Polden, United Kingdom, TECOSH

"A huge thank you to the most incredible lady who carried her duty selflessly, You are a hard act to follow Ma'am and such an inspiration to us all. I had the good fortune to be in close contact with you twice in my life once at your silver jubilee and then the diamond jubilee at The New Forest Show where I took some memorable photos and you spent longer than planned with the ponies, it was wonderful, real memories to treasure." Julie Brown, UK, Chartered Member

"As an extremely privileged member of the previous Royal Yacht Britannia, I was fortunate to regularly have had close contact with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her many visits and cruises. I was involved in her boat movements from the Yacht to ashore and hence I was extremely lucky to have spent so many occasions with the Late Queen whilst away on her travels. She was extremely caring to everyone and always had a way to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence. Always interested, motherly, gracious but with an extremely lovely fun sense of humour. I was so sad to hear the news of her passing but I feel extremely honoured to have served her and I know she will be sadly missed by the world. My thoughts are with the whole family at this difficult time." Graham Cooke, United Kingdom, Member

"A shining example to all, 70 years of outstanding commitment, a shining light to all. Condolences to King Charles and all the family. Duty done may you forever Rest in Peace." Tracy James, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"It was a sad news but however, she has uniquely positively affected the lives of humanity. May her soul rest in peace. She was a great woman, respected across the world, she will be truly missed." Alex Atiene, Nigeria, TechIOSH

"Our sadness, our loyalty sympathy to the Royal Family Marty and Rosie" Rosemary Scott oam, Australia

"My condolences to the Royal family. I had the pleasure of being invited to the Palace on several occasions including a Garden party in 2010. On one occasion in 2006, I was introduced to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at a reception for emergency responders following the 7/7 bombings - a meeting I will never forget. A lovely person - hugely missed." Carl Chidgey, United Kingdom, Chartered

"I am truly sorry for you. I feel so sad for your loss. You was a human full of kindness and sympathy towards all the GOD's creation. Your Late Her Majesty was having special attachment to my country India. She visited three times and was so liked by all Indians. And she came to my 'CITY OF JOY - KOLKATA' and a home of LATE MOTHER TERESA, Your loss have left gap which will be hard to fill it. My profession as Safety professional will always be thankful to you, who gave special recognition for this profession and the fellow safety professional. I pray for your peaceful departed soul. RIP." Sarwar Abbas, India, Grad IOSH 

"Our Condolences to the queen will miss your warm smile" Kudzai Borerwe , United Kingdom