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Queen Elizabeth II – Book of condolence

Your tributes

Mourners around the world have paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II following the sad news of her death on Thursday 08 September 2022.  

Many of our members have shared their memories of The Queen or left a message of sympathy following the news of her passing. 

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) had set up an online book of condolence and invited well-wishers to submit their personal messages. 

We are no longer accepting messages, but this book will remain as an archive.

Condolence messages

"It was with much sadness that the nation learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was not only a monarch but also a tremendous female leader whose values will long outlive her reign. Her resolve, integrity and ability to put people at the heart of her work are values which are shared by both the occupational safety and health profession and our Institution, to which she graciously awarded her Royal Charter more than 20 years ago. My thoughts are with the Royal Family, its household, and the many people whose lives she has touched so dearly." Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, Chief Executive, IOSH

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. She has provided a sense of stability through her incredible 70-year reign.I often tell the story of when I went to lunch with the Queen. In reality, I was 1 of around 500 people in the room that day and was probably sat the furthest from her, but I will carry with me the sense of awe, pride and humility I have from that experience, no doubt shared by everyone else in the room.My thoughts are with her family to whom I extend my condolences at this sad time." Nicole Rinaldi, Director of Professional Services, IOSH

"It is with much sadness that we have recently received the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a devoted Queen who always put her duty and her country first. Her kindness has touched the lives of many people. She was a remarkable woman, respected across the world, she will be truly missed. My thoughts are with her family and those that cared deeply for her at this difficult time." Vicky Hilpert, Chief Operating Officer, IOSH 

"Remembering our very special Queen, a shining example to us all of exemplary and selfless service to others. Sending our thoughts and support to King Charles III." Neil Catton, IOSH Vice President

"As a veteran and former Scots Guardsman of Her Majesty the Queen's Household Division 3rd of Foot, I would like to express my sympathy to His Majesty The King and all the members of the Royal Family. The Queen has been a symbol of integrity, dignity, and elegance, while at the same time a symbol of strength, bravery, and unswerving dedication to her country." James Quinn, IOSH Immediate Past President

"HRH Queen Elizabeth II showed the world how to deliver a life of loyal service and was an example to us all. Her passing will be felt across the country and the globe. My condolences go to her family, friends and her subjects." Stuart Hughes, IOSH Vice President

"Queen Elizabeth II was committed to a life of service which spanned many generations. I will personally remember dressing up for the silver jubilee celebrations as a young child in the 70’s. In a world of constant change she has been our constant. There for our highs, our lows steadfast and loyal; respected worldwide for her desire to bring people together from where ever they are in the world and whomever they may be. Family was important to her too and we will remember the very many images which show the mother, grandmother, wife and friend behind her wonderful, dazzling smile." Louise Hosking, IOSH President & Chair of Council

"In remembrance of our Queen who has been a pillar of stability through my whole life, and has served us with the utmost dignity and commitment.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and King Charles III." Angela Abbs, IOSH Vice President

"I had the great honour to meet her Her Royal Highness the Queen on two occasions while working at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. On both occasions, one formal, one informal – I was inspired by the insight, wisdom, candour and humour shared with me by Her Majesty. I shall treasure these meetings and reflect upon these to remind myself of the inspirational and selfless leadership demonstrated by Her Majesty during her seventy year reign. I am unequivocally, a better person for having shared these moments with such a beautiful lady who has been an enduring presence in all our lives." Richard E Bate, IOSH Vice President  

"Thank you for your unwavering, committed years of service to us all. Your wisdom and leadership will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with all members of the royal family, and with the extended family across the UK, the commonwealth and the world." Lawrence Webb, President Elect

"The late Queen is an example of how we should all aspire to lead our lives, an honest caring loyal committed servant to this country, the commonwealth and indeed the world. She was a constant in my life and the only Monarch I have ever known, God bless the Queen and long live the King" William Prentice, United Kingdom

"Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. May she rest in peace." Noreen Ruane-Dalton, Ireland, CMIOSH

"Your Majesty, You have been a guiding light to the world and this our great nation, you may be gone from this life but you will never be forgotten." Peter Hoose, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"Rest in peace your HRH, you will be sorely missed, this is a new world which will take time to adjust to without you." Andrea Simon, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"It was with enormous sadness that I learned of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. I send my heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family and the countless others around the world affected by the enormous loss that we all share. Queen Elizabeth II was a beacon for unity and stability and an unequalled role model. Queen Elizabeth II's dedication to service was, without question, absolute. My thoughts are with King Charles III and the Royal Household." Rob Million, England, GradIOSH

"Selfless service without equal" Anthony Cooksley, United Kingdom, MIOSH

"Your Majesty, Rest in peace and thank you. I had the great honour to meet her Her Royal Highness the Queen, as a School child at the opening of stansted Airport in Essex. An amazing experience and one I will never forget. I also received an invite to a Garden Party at Buckingham palace, a great honour and again one I will never forget. The Queens leadership and constantacy in our lives will remain in my memories as a great example to us all." Trevor Bamber, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"With sympathy, i am saddened by the demise of Queen Elizabeth. She was greatly love, respected and admired. May her soul rest in eternal peace. My sincere condolence" Sajid Faraz, United Arab Emirates, IOSH Tech Member

"What a wonderful and truly inspirational woman - such devotion to her people, her God and her duty. Remembered with love and respect." Janis Baugh, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Remembering with great sadness a wonderful kind loving and strong lady whose stay and strength was always there and someone who always had time for everyone she met. She will be very much missed." Rosemary Ray, England, Tech IOSH

"My memories about The Queen will always be of warmth and grief, she represented all people in the UK and there will be huge void in our hearts with the end of her tenure." Kazym Lepessov, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"I want to express the great sorrow I feel for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who will always be in our memory as a symbol of a woman dedicated to her country, also my gratitude for everything received in the UK and condolences to the Royal Family." Juan Acuna, UK, GradIOSH

"Rest in Peace Your Majesty." Stephen Parker, England

"You meant so much to so many people. You put the Great into Great Britain. You will be sorely missed. God bless you." Craig Paton, UK, Graduate

"Condolences to the Royal Family in this sad time. Queen Elizabeth II was a beacon of light, and carried out her duty with diligence and compassion throughout her reign." Richard Herron, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Like the rest of the globe, particularly the home nations, like Scotland my residence and the Commonwealth, like my country of birth New Zealand are sad and somewhat displaced at the passing of our Queen. I am not a royalist as such but truly admired her approach to service and leadership. Losing someone after 70 years plus experience as our leader or our constant is hard to replace. In fact she will not be replaced. King Charlie will do great , and forge a new path but respect all of his mothers good work because that's his legacy too. RIP Queen Elizabeth and condolences to all those related to her." Andy Morrell, Scotland , Tech IOSH

"Your dedication to service is an outstanding example and inspiration to all." Neil Lawrence, United Kingdom

"Thank you for a dedicated life of service and exemplar leadership. Duty done and a legacy not to be forgotten. Rest in peace Ma'am. My sincere condolences to His Majesty The King and the Royal Family." Mark Roger Gaines, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"It is with sadness I have learned of the passing of our Queen Elizabeth 11. She has reigned over the country since one week before my birth and so I have always been aware of her place in the world. Such an outstanding achievement over so may years by her Majesty. My sympathy and condolences to all of her family." Ray Allard, United Kingdom, Chartered member

"Coming from a family that were strong Royalists, my fondest memories over the years have been sitting with my family watching historical royal events as they have occurred as well as collecting memorabilia to mark these occasions which will be passed on through the family along with the related stories." Karl Petre, United Kingdom, Chartered member

"For our beloved Queen and her unparalleled lifetime of dedicated service to the people, we thank her and express our condolence to the family that feels this loss." Kevin Slaney, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"As a qualified Nurse for the last 28 years I have seen the Monarchy's role have a positive effect on all of society both in the UK and further afield. I look forward to King Charles the thirds reign. I hope we can all continue to look after one another for years to come as the Queen herself would wish, God bless you." Marie Hickinbotham, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"RIP Thank-you for 70 years of rule, kept the country safe and was a special and much loved monarch. Will be sadly missed but never forgotten." Andrew Bowker, England

"Very saddened with the passing of Her Majesty, she was a true inspiration to everyone. She conducted herself in the grandest manner, a trait that we should all work towards. Her passion for duty was something I am unsure if we will ever see again but we can hold onto hope, just as she did throughout her long life. I swore an oath to Her Majesty and I truly tried my best to uphold it. God bless you Ma'am, God Save The Queen." Ashley Brown, England

"I had the privilege and great pleasure in meeting Her Majesty in 2015. A wonderful lady and an inspiration to us all. You have done your duty Ma’am now rest in peace." Stephen Durham, England, Chartered Fellow

"The world has lost a leading light. Dedicated, caring and driven by faith, she embodied all that is decent and fair. An example for all and worthy of our respect. Thank you, Your Majesty for your loyal service to your country. We called you 'Our Queen'; to the rest of the world you were known as 'The Queen' an accolade that says it all. R.I.P Ma'am" David Clynes, United Kingdom, Grad-IOSH

"My thoughts are with the Royal family at this very sad time. Queen Elizabeth was a shining example to all of humanity. Grace, poise and humility at all times. A constant in my life and the life of my family. Rest in peace." Donna Bryce, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"The greatest Stateswoman the world has ever seen has gone. You will now be reunited with your beloved Prince Philip. You will be sorely missed and we thank you with all our love for your dedication, leadership, guidance and being the rock that this country has been built on over the past 70 years. God Save the King" Kevin Ashman, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Thank you for your life long commitment and service, may your memories continue to inspire." Gabriella Read, Dorset, TechIOSH

"Thank you for devoting your life to our country, a true leader and inspiration to us all. RIP Ma'am, forever in our hearts." Shane O'Brien, England, CMIOSH

"You smiled at me in 1977 during your silver jubilee celebrations when you came to where I lived. It was the best smile ever. In 1992 I joined the Army Reserves and swore my Oath of Allegiance to you, and whilst I'm now longer serving I kept that oath and I will continue to do so with your son at the helm. You were an inspiration in so many ways, may you be reunited with your husband and be at peace and may all your family, friends and all those that loved you find comfort during this difficult time. RIP your majesty, may you be an angel in heaven as you were on earth. " Julie Eley, England, CMIOSH

"Thank you for your loyalty and service. You will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. " Sian Roberts, UK, Tech IOSH

"Feeling sad for precious demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. What a graceful personality returned." Farzand Ali Kazmi, United Arab Emirates, GradIosh

"Thank you your Majesty for your service to our country as Queen, we have all been enriched by you caring and resolve to carry out your duties until the end. You have also been a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother, not only to your family, but to our great nation and Commonwealth countries. Rest in peace, and knowledge that your son our King Charles III will now take the reins." Margaret Davis, UK, Tech IOSH

"Queen Elizabeth. Our Queen an inspiration and our greatest Britain, an unwavering commitment to duty and an example to all, taking the time and caring about others. Respect and Love from us all." Joseph Woollett, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Dear King Charles, Our Queen saw the inception of the NHS and Welfare state, the passing of the Law to give equal pay rights to women, the building a retirement of Concorde. Her journey was rich in learning. May all our journeys in life be as rich as hers. May her smile and love continue to lighten our lives when we think of her Majesty. Rest In Peace." Sally Cox, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"You have more than upheld your promise to us all when you were only 21 and you didn't even get a proper retirement either. Thank you for everything, you will be sorely missed." Karen Clark, Tech IOSH

"A unique and amazing lady who fulfilled her promise to us all. A part of all of us has gone with you. You will be greatly missed and admired. Rest in peace." Melissa Jones, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a devoted Queen with passion, commitment, an inspiration to us all, thank you for your service 'Ma'am, My thoughts are with her family, to whom I extend my condolences at this sad time." Sharon Parkes, United Kingdom, Chartered Fellowship

"My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family at this very sad time. RIP your majesty you will be missed." Patricia Rutter, England , Graduate member 

"Sending my heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolences to the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II."Ameer Khan, UAE, Grad IOSH 

"Thank you my Duke for your dedicated years of service and determination to set an example to us all in holding true to duty and promise. Thoughts to your family, the households and the King." John Gavey, Jersey, GradIOSH

"You were and still are in my heart, I gave my oath as you gave yours, it was a pleasure to serve you. God Save the King"Stephen John Lane, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"It was saddening to know HRM Queen Elizabeth II was no more with us. A strong leader with goodwill for humanity gearing everyone on the right path and there’s nothing more painful than losing a loving mother. Heartfelt condolence for this great loss. May God bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with eternal peace. My deepest thoughts and prayers to the King and Royal family." Tommy Seleipiri Da-Wariboko, Nigeria, Affiliate Member

"I swore an allegiance to you in 2002 serving you for 13 years. You where such as inspiration to myself and so many. A hole will be left in millions of peoples hearts. Rest easy my Queen your duty is done." Darren Semple, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"Thank you for your service. You will be missed by millions throughout the UK and the world."Ian Sturley, United Kingdom, IOSH 

"My deepest condolence to the Royal Family" Sivaprakasam Kesavan, India, GradIOSH

"HM Queen Elizabeth II Has been a constant reminder of strength, faith and humanity. She strived to serve the people, country and the common wealth and was rightly revered throughout the world. The Queen achieved so much and in my life it was a good feeling to know she was there for the good of all. I feel a very heart felt sadness for the loss our our dear Queen and wish the Royal Family my sincere condolence for their and the nations loss. May she rest in peace" Michael Higgins, England, Graduate Member

"Thank you for your service ma'am. I was honoured to attend a royal garden party in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in May this year for my services to health and safety. Whilst you were too unwell to attend it was a true honour and we felt your presence whilst in the gardens. I thank you for all you have done for this fantastic country and the wider commonwealth. May you rest in peace x" Steven Langston, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Thanks for everything you have done for us, you are in my prayer & memory. May your soul finds rest in God; our salvation comes from Him. (Ps 62:1)" Dennis WO Tsang, Hong Kong, CMIOSH

"Feeling sad for precious demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. What a graceful personality returned."Farzand Ali Kazmi, United Arab Emirates, GradIosh

"It is with much sadness that we have recently received the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a devoted Queen who always put her duty and her country first. Her kindness has touched the lives of many people. She was a remarkable woman, respected across the world, she will be truly missed. My thoughts are with her family and those that cared deeply for her at this difficult time."Mohammed Parvez Khan, United Arab Emirates, Tech IOSH

"The longest-serving monarch...Rest in peace"Kam Keung Cheung, HKSAR, CMIOSH

"My sincerest condolences for royal family at this time.
I'm sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to royal family. Words can't describe how sorry I am for your loss. Thinking of you at this difficult time, so sorry to hear about this." Amar Abbas Kazmi, Pakistan, Graduate member

"Heartfelt condolences to Royal family and let Queen’s sole RIP. She will be always in our heart."Ashok Prakash Vijaya Sundram, U.A.E, Technical Member

"Please accept my deepest condolences!" Rajesh Packirisamy, India, CMIOSH

"Deeply saddening by the passing of Her Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second. I had the privileged to serve in Her Majesty's armed forces and will deeply miss her guiding light, presence and leadership of this great nation. Rest in peace Ma'am. God save the King" Kevin Brereton, England, Chartered Member

"May she rest in peace in heaven." Kin Shing Chiu, Hong Kong, Chartered Member

"Great queen, you will always be remembered." Ting Pong Leo Leung, Hong Kong SAR, CMIOSH

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Rest in Peace, and our deepest sympathy to the Royal Family and those close to the Queen." Christopher Fontecha, Saudi Arabia, Tech IOSH

"MOE Mai ra Queen Elizabeth II - what an amazing journey and you presented immaculately on every occasion." Maria-Catherine Roache, New Zealand , Graduate member

"Thank you for all you have given to us in this country and the world during your life and service as our Queen. You will always be remembered by your people. May you rest in peace with Prince Philip in the company of our Lord Jesus. God bless you and Thank You." Ronald Arthur, England, Retired 

"You have touched lots of people positively. May you rest in peace in the bosom of the God Almighty for a life well spent. The legacy you left behind will not be forgotten. Good night Mama!!" Adaku Augustine, Nigeria, Affiliate 

"Your Majesty, thank you for being an example of loving service and kindness to all - hallmarks of our profession. And to His Majesty and your wider family and friends, may love, aroha and compassion surround you as you mourn. May you have space to cry, to tell stories, to laugh together, and just to be yourselves. We grieve with you, but we know you grieve your Mum, your Granny, your Aunty and Great Aunty. Kia kaha." Robyn Parkin, New Zealand, Chartered Member

"Our sovereign Queen Elizabeth II cared about all of mankind and the welfare of all, she was a shining example through her integrity, compassion and work ethic. Rest in Peace your Majesty and God save the King" William Gallacher, United Kingdom, Graduate

"The Queen shone forth as a beacon of light for many decades. Her glowing legacy will forever be imprinted in our hearts and on the sands of time. May God grant her eternal rest. May her family and well wishers be consoled at this time." Oritsejolomi Dudu, TechIOSH

"Thank ma’am for your commitment to your duty and unwavering loyalty to your country and territories. Rest in Peace your duty is now fulfilled." Paul Bell, England, Graduate Member

"Thank you ma’am, for the absolute dedication you gave to the UK. I am a long time resident in this country and thank you dearly for the great work you did to promote peace on the island of Ireland and improve relations between Britain and Ireland. Rest In Peace." Michael Tempany, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"As a Major serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps, I was introduced to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to HQ Scotland in 2001. It was a fleeting conversation but the Queen was interested, gracious and exhibited a keen sense of humour. I was and am honoured to have served her and would like to extend my sincere condolences to her family at this sad time." Bruce Campbell, New Zealand, Chartered Fellow

"Ma'am it was an honour to serve you for 34 years in your armed forces. Duty, sacrifice and selfless commitment were the standards you set for others to follow. Your duty done Ma'am rest easy. God save the king" Ronald Wells, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Rest in Peace your Majesty" Christopher Cronin, United Kingdom 

"My sincere condolences to all the British nation and friends . To all iosh colleagues we share with you this sad event and pray to god to bless her majesty and be always with here." Abdelbaset  Hassan, Libya, Graduate member 

"A greatly loved and admired person has left us. But her legacy will go on for years to come. She has seen some of the greatest moments and also several sad ones. Are thoughts and prayers are with all the family." Michael Cornwall, United Kingdom, Affiliate 

"The sad passing of an honourable lady who recognised the sacrifices that the NHS staff made during COVID especially in the early days. Thank you for the George Cross." Lauren Murphy , Wales , Grad IOSH

"I sympathise with my British neighbours on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, their dedicated monarch for such a long time. She has been a great example to both world leaders and all families." Joan Simon, Ireland, CMIOSH

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 passing saddened me and touched so many people in the world because Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 was a very nice and lovely lady. The life of one we love is never lost. Her influence goes on through all the lives it ever touched. I say thank you Mama, may your soul rest in peace." Gordon Igberaese, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH member

"Your a true inspiration too, not just our nation but the World. You touched all our hearts in your time with us. As children, my parents were excited with your visit to our town Linwood, Renfrew and likewise, so we're we. Your an amazing Queen and I enjoyed serving my 23 years in your service. Now it's your time to take a rest from the hard work you delivered over the past 96 years. Rest in Peace, your Son is at the helm now. I salute you." David Bogle , Great Britain , Durham 

"Thank you for your devotion, your duty and service to our country. You have set the impeccable standard for future royals to aspire too. Rest now our Queen." Louise Cyngier, England , TechIOSH

"To the one woman who united all by being an incredible leader. Thank you for your service, it’s time to rest now ma’am . You have done your duty, rest easy." Marcus Williams , United Kingdom, Associate

"My deepest condolences to the royal family, the people of Britain and the Commonwealth" Saleh Alfadhli, Kuwait

"May God rest her Soul in Peace. On behalf IOSH UAE Branch Committee, please accept our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Royal Family members." Syed Mazhar Shah, UAE

"Such a sad time in our lives to loose someone who is an inspirational leader and much loved monarch of our country. Queen Elizabeth was a powerful woman who brought countries together and used her power for the good of the United Kingdom. She will be deeply missed and irreplaceable." Heather Woodhouse, United Kingdom, Affiliated member

"So very sorry to hear of the sad news that our Queen Elizabeth 2nd has passed away she was someone who stood up for everyone and took no nonsense, she believed in a fair and free life for everyone. Her Majesty will be greatly missed in the public eye and by her family and friends. Good luck and thank you for your service to us all Rest in Peace." Trevor Baker, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH Member

"Thank you for your service Ma’am. Good night & God bless." Andrew Tyrrell, UK, AIOSH

"You will be missed, I'm no Royalist, but have respected the impact you personally brought to this country and the Commonwealth. Rest In Peace Your Majesty." Ian Peel, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"Deeply moved by the loss of the great sovereign, I send my deepest condolences to the entire royal family." LUCIO ARGENTIERI, ITALY, TECH. MEMBER

"Thank you Your Majesty for all your years of service and dedication to this great country. My condolences and respect to the Royal Family, close friends and staff who will miss her on such a personal level." Jonathan Hegarty, England, Chartered Member

"I was privileged to be a member of council during the time the institution was going through the privy council for charter ship. Her majesty was a great lady who was interested in many things and she will be greatly missed. I send my condolences to her family, and I wish King Charles many years on the throne. RIP her majesty and long live the King" Ron Muir, England, Retired Fellow

"My Family joins me to wish our all prayers to the departed GREAT Soul.... God give strength to all includes the family to bear this great LOSS... the Soul May Reat in Peace... Ammen" SIBIKUTTAN  MADATHIL JOSEPH , INDIA, GRADUATE MEMBER

"RIP Ma’am and thank you for all your hard work and inspiration. You will be missed by so many whose lives you have touched. Many will try to emulate you, but few will succeed." Kevin Reade, United Kingdom, Associate Member

"Put simply, HM Queen Elizabeth 2, was a very nice person, the kind of person I would have as a close friend." Paul Alton, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"Condolences, World will never forget her." Mohammad Tufail  Khan, India

"Saddened to loose such a lovely lady who combined so many virtues and never shirked a duty. Her humour and compassion whilst continuing to serve for 70 years are an inspiration to us all" Nicola Carroll, England, Grad IOSH

"Sincere condolences to the King and Royal family on the death and sad loss of HM Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace reunited with Prince Philip." Alison Lawson, UK

"I only met the Queen once - while sitting on my Father’s shoulders as she officially opened the Jack Kane Centre in Edinburgh. She spoke to my brother and he pointed to me and I waved. She smiled and gave me a wave back which, as a young child, made my day. Looking back at a lifetime of service to the country, it was her ability to relate to everyone she met that I’ll remember the most. I hear she had a wicked sense of humour but didn’t suffer fools gladly (traits that held her in good stride given some of the politicians she met during her life no doubt). She will be missed by many and while I would not consider myself a Royalist, her dedication to her role is one that can be admired and appreciated by all. Rest in peace mam." Alison Melrose, Scotland, Chartered member

"RIP Elizabeth" Sophie Joyce, UK

"HRH Queen Elizabeth, I thank you for you life long dedicated duty to all your family and subjects and the world may you lay down and rest along with you rock. May you rest in peace in forever" Jason Powell, United Kingdom

"Your Majesty, I had the honour to serve as one of your many soldiers over 22 years of your reign. They were without doubt the best years of my life. I had the greatest honour in meeting you at a staff Xmas Ball where you very kindly took the time to chat with me and wish me a Happy Xmas, something I will never forget and continue to tell my family and friends to this day. It is with a very heavy heart that I write these words but I thank you for making the world a better place and for the amazing role you were as 'our' Queen. Rest in Peace and again thank you Your Majesty for everything." Steve Southam, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"May her soul rest in perfect peace and Almighty God gives the entire families fortitudes to bear the loss" Sikiru Wahab, Qatar

"A beloved and modern Monarch with a deep sense of faith and hope shared with her people. Her caring compassionate nature influenced society's progress in Health, Safety and Wellbeing for all her reign. Her belief in family values and helping others will no doubt be passed on through her remaining family and many charities. We will miss her for a long time to come." Elizabeth Lynes, United Kingdom, Graduate IOSH member

"In loving memory of our dear Queen, the Servant Queen who served God and all her people; her family and friends and the communities in Great Britain, the Realms and the Commonwealth. She was loved all over the world. With grateful thanks for your dedicated service. Rest in peace." Barbara Weatherill, England

"Thank you for your unwavering, committed years of service to us all, you were a true inspiration. My thoughts are with all members of the royal family, who have lost not only their Queen, but also a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Rest In Peace Ma'am"Barry Brown, United Kingdom, Technical Member

"My condolences to the royal family and the entire citizens of the United Kingdom at this mourning period of the passing of the Queen. May her soul rest in peace, Amen"Livinus Elechi, United Kingdom, GradIOSH 

"Queen Elizabeth- You leave behind your legacy of extraordinary leadership and the longest standing leader of all time. Your excellent humanity and personal interaction skills will be something I aspire to follow in my lifetime. You were adored by everybody. X" Georgina Cullum, United Kingdom, Tech Member 

"My sincerest condolences to all UK nationals"Syed Saeed Akhtar, Saudi Arabia, Graduate Member

"As an international member of IOSH beginning nearly 50 years ago with the IISO with Mr. Charnock as President, I wish to send my condolences to the whole Commonwealth and the Royal Family. Elizabeth II set the tone for the 20th century and to date, with elegance, grace, wisdom, and (in American vernacular), class. She will be missed and honored on my side of the pond as one of the greats of history."Jay Preston, US, CMIOSH 

"I was truly saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she has been a constant form of stability and strength through her incredible 70 years as queen and my whole life. It did not matter what was happening in the world she took it on with unwavering leadership and the upmost commitment.She will be forever missed by so much of the world but has left behind an example like no other and one we should all aspire towards.My condolences to His Majesty The King and all the members of the Royal Family." Emily Peck

"A truly inspirational woman, who has served us with grace and determination despite having the crown placed on her head at such a young age. A powerhouse of the British Spirit. Thank-you Ma'am." Emma Christie, United Kingdom, GradIOSH

"What a great loss to the world. Your Majesty will be missed dearly and sorely by so many!" Danny Kung, Canada, GradIOSH

"You have been a true inspirational leader for so many of us. Thank you ma'am." Keith Rhodes, United Kingdom, Fellow 

"Thank you for your loyal service. You are an amazing inspiration and will be remembered for your incredible years of service to our country. Rest in peace your majesty. May you find eternal peace with Prince Phillip" Tina McGennity, England, Graduate member

"Thank you your Majesty for a life time of service to your country and its people. You never asked for the role, you never questioned or grumbled. You did it all with warmth, compassion and always with a smile. This country will never see your like again.Deepest condolences to the immediate Family an to the country as a whole. Proud to have been your devoted servant Ma'am." Kevan Barraclough, GB & NI, CMIOSH 

"As an ex Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary serviceman. I have always had great respect and admiration for the boss. Although I am not a massive royalist I was always impressed at how she conducted herself and shown how royals should behave. She will be a hard act to follow." Colin Jones, England

"Ma'am, I was born in Wales, two months before your coronation. Your cleavage to the high principles and qualities of Duty, Honour, Service, Patience, Forbearance and Humility have been a beacon throughout my life, to me and to many others and have provided an anchor of stability through uncertain times. And many have, as I, carried those principles and qualities to other countries, and sustained, as best we may, our own belief and upholdance of the best of the United Kingdom, as demonstrated and exampled by your unique life, in our professional activities and IOSH service. Your legacy is assured and vouchsafed by your son, King Charles, and his son, William, Prince of Wales. Rest easy now, in Peace. with Reverent Gratitude" Nigel Ashcroft, Ireland, CMIOSH

"It was my honour to serve in your armed forces for 26 years and to have you as our Colonel in Chief (Argylls). You were an inspiration, rest in peace. Ne Obliviscaraus."Donald Campbell, United Kingdom, Chartered member 

"Deeply saddened at the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the the world’s longest serving Head of State. My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and people of UK." Santosh Arvindekar, India

"Thank you for your dedicated service and may you rest in peace beside your devoted husband."Stewart Keddie, United Kingdom, CMIOSH Retired

"Have been my Queen all of my life until the sad news of your demise. In my heart you will always be my queen." Stewart Cox, Scotland, Technical 

"Our deep condolence to the all UK people and to Royal family .God rest her in peace." Waleed Morsy , Egypt, GradIOSH 

"It was with great sadness to heard the news of the death of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II. Her integrity remains an inspiration. My thoughts are with the Royal Family and people across the globe who saddened with her loss."Djaka Anugrah Hidayat, Indonesia, Graduate Member

"Your majesty you have been an inspiration to so many people the legacy you have left will never be seen again.
Rest in peace." Kevin Toon, United Kingdom, Chartered 

"May the Queen Elizabeth II 's soul rest in peace, and may her family members and near and dear ones be able to bear her sad demise May God grant her eternal life" Mr. Roque Dcunha, Qatar

"I was truly sorry to hear of the passing of our Queen Elizabeth II. I am grateful for the 70 years the Queen has reigned over us and would like to wish the Royal Family peace and comfort at this time of sorrow. God Save the King." Alastair Kendrick, England, Tech IOSH 

"Our strength, our guidance. Rest in Peace. God Save the King" Davies Brown, UK, Chartered Member

"A leader, a mother, a Queen. Thank you , your majesty for grace , your compassion and honouring your word to serve the peoples of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Rest in peace our Queen in your eternal reward." Paul Pearson, England, CMIOSH

"Her Majesty was such a passionate leader of our country, our armed forces (which I am proud to have served), and of course to our great Institution, which seeks to protect and support our members, and the public across the UK and Commonwealth. Thank you your Majesty. God save the King!" Paul Sultana, United Kingdom, Chartered Member 

"To our beloved Queen, who represented our country with dedication, devotion and class, Thank you for everything. God Save The Queen." Chris Wallace, United Kingdom, Technical Member

"I was privileged to serve you in the armed forces. Your service to the United Kingdom and the commonwealth was inspirational. The reaction of the world shows how you touched the lives of so many and shows how sad we all are of your passing. RIP our Queen. You’ll never walk alone."Paul Docherty , UK, Student 

"To those who with us mourn the loss and acknowledge the passing of a truly praiseworthy Monarch who has left a legacy of wise words, careful diligent work and faithful commitment to Gods Kingdom. Thank you We shall remember" Joseph Morriss, United Kingdom, TechIOSH 

"You were my boss when I was in your forces, and you were the best boss I ever had." Peter Carson, Scotland, CMIOSH

"Thank you for being such a force for good, and thank you for demonstrating such a good example of the power of diplomacy and the importance of seeing and recognising the other persons point of view. Rest in Peace." Elaine Rudd, UK, Graduate Member

"I was deeply saddened to hear the news that Queen Elizabeth had sadly passed away. HRH was always the corner stone for her country and always gave her all despite even her own health and age! This country needed her through the post WW2 years and on into the 21st century. Queen Elizabeth will always be an inspiration to her nation and one that many will always aspire to for generations. Sorely missed by her nation and indeed, her grieving family! Though we have a new King, Queen Elizabeth is irreplaceable." Michael Bruce, United Kingdom, Graduate Member

"A life well lived and an example to us all. A fantastic lady and her values in life a lesson to us all. RIP" Sarah  Byrne, United Kingdom , Tech IOSH

"Thanks for the contribution to the nations, you will always be remembered." Helena Silva , Portugal , Affiliate 

"Thanks for your support and contribution to Hongkongers. Hope you have a happy and nice journey with God. Nice trip. Good bye. R.I.P."Brendan Chan, Hong Kong, CMIOSH 

"A truly amazing woman. Our Queen reigned with dignity and compassion. Her infectious smile and incredible sense of humour touched us all. I hope her passing can unite people together and help heal old wounds, that would be the most fitting legacy for this glorious lady. God bless the Queen." Neil Land, United Kingdom, Member

"I am saddened to hear of the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. My thoughts and prayers are with the royal family." Faisal Murad Awan, Pakistan , Graduate Member 

"RIP Your Majesty You have been a constant through the whole of my life and millions of others. i thank you for all your hard work and commitment to our wonderful country." Trevor Jennison, United Kingdom

"Offering my condolences to the family of the Queen on their huge loss of a mother and grandmother. Amazing lady who did so much, leading by example and giving her life. We all have lost a lady and a leader. Rest in peace, on your journey home" Patrick Kelly, Ireland

"Respected Queen.Thank you so much for your sincere and dedicated service to the country. Your excellent leadership quality made us proud to be a citizen of the country. Thank you so much for taking care of us all these years. Sending our prayers to rest your soul in peace and sincere condolences to the Royal Family." Sudhakar Katha Veera Venkada, United Arab Emirates, Chartered Member

"God bless your Majesty." Trevor Nixon, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"Your gracious leadership of our Country will be sorely missed. Thankyou Mam. You will always be in or thoughts of reflection. God save the King" John Lacey, UK, Past President and Chartered Fellow 

"My deepest condolences to UK for loss of their Queen. She is woman of confidence and love. She truly lived a glorious life which has to be cherished by the entire world forever. Personally for me, I always looked up at her for her lifestyle when it comes to healthy living and mindfulness. Hope her family recover From this tragic incident soon." Ram Kumar Barathan, Qatar, GradIOSH 

"It is with great sorrow that your great reign has come to an end but you are now resting for your final journey to the Duke. R.I.P" Peter Mayer, United Kingdom, Chartered Member

"Her Majesty was a mother and a queen to the entire world and not just the UK and the other States and or Commonwealth. She will be greatly missed - as far as I remember since I was a kid and she was the Queen. May God bless her and her great family and the people of the UK and the World." Hassan AlBuhaisi, United States, Graduate Member 

"We give thanks for the life of our Queen Elizabeth. She will be greatly missed but her legacy will live on. Rest in peace." Jussi Murphy, United Kingdom, Technical Member

"Your majesty, we were honoured, and blessed by your dedication and presence, sadly an end of an era. Onward and upward for King Charles!" Mark Gibbons

"My condolences to the Royal family and to England" Laverne Gadiah, South Africa, Student Member

"The passing of our late Queen Elizabeth was a very sad occasion and she was my longest serving (Boss) during my military service of 18 years. A truly remarkable lady. God save the King" Darren Eddowes , Gibraltar, Graduate Member 

"Thank You, RIP" Robert Murton, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"You majesty, It was the greatest pleasure of my life meeting you on various occasions. Until we meet again in the kingdom of God."Robert Devine, United Kingdom

"I was deeply much saddened to hear broken news Aljazeera that evening(8th September, 2022) hours before passing away and after of (HM Queen Elizabeth II) when the broken news of her emergency health condition at Balmoral castle, Scotland for her children to receive blessings from her. I reminisced down memory lane back December 2002, how its painful to lose a close grandmother. This made me to think deeply how devoted she was to her duties less than 48 hours of formally appointed new Prime Minister ( Liz Truss shook hands with her standing at her age 96 years Mama, it means a lot to me, she was a gem). My condolences goes to the Royal family, UK citizens and lovers ( including IOSH members) the fortitude to bear this loss." Ismaila Kareem, Qatar, Gradiosh

"I had the honour to serve you for 25 years in the Royal Navy, in operational and peace keeping scenarios and I was always proud to serve. You have always been a true example to others and I am sure King Charles III will continue your esteemed work. God Bless Ma'am." Mike Murphy, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"My condolences to the Royal Family after the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth. I will always have fond memories of her steadfastness and dedication." Daniel Neal, United States, Grad IOSH

"Condolences goes out to the Royal Family and their friends of the passing of the queen. May the passing of time heal your wounds of the feelings felt in this time of grief." Navin Bharat , Trinidad and Tobago , Affiliate Membership 

"I am from Hong Kong (HK) and was not able to meet Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II in Hong Kong, which was in 1975 and in 1986; but, I could watch back the two Royal family visits’ videos, with The Queen’s speeches from the youtube lately. I wholeheartedly thanked The Queen and her Royal Family for making HK’s successes! May I express my deepest condolences! Hope the Royal Family and His Majesty King Charles III can continue The Queen’s wishes. Cheers, The Queen and The Royal Family." Johnny Yip 

"You have been Monarch for most of my life and I thank you for your steadfast and diligent reign. May you rest in peace." Thomas Jennings, United Kingdom, Chartered

"Rest in Peace your Majesty." Gaetano Cristiano, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"I am deeply sad to hear that the Queen has passed away, and my condolences go to all family and IOSH members. From all OHS professionals in Malta we would like to thank the Queen for her recognition to increase safety awareness, globally and amongst members states in the commonwealth including Malta. The Queen, had always recognised the Maltese people, and from an early age had visited and lived on the island for some time. May you rest in peace, thanks you for your sterling work!" Anthony Bezzina, Malta, CFIOSH

"I never knew you were such an intelligent, caring, daughter, mother, grandmother etc until I watched the full weekends coverage of your life, I really missed out on taking far greater interest when I had chance, you will be greatly missed, god bless x" Gary Morgan, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Rest Easy My Queen it was an Honour to Serve You Condolences to The Royal Family" David Hazell, Scotland

"RIP our Queen" Po Ming Tsang, Hong Kong, Grad IOSH

"Your Majesty, you have been a constant in my 60 years on this earth. I would like to thank you for your 70 years of devotion to us, your subjects. God Save the King" Paul Harman, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Queen Elizabeth reign is all I ever known, she was a shining example to all of us and will be sorely missed. I thank her for service and hard work over the years. There will never be another." Terry Cecil, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"In 1960 as a small boy aged 5, I lined the streets with my fellow school friends to see the queen as she passed through the West Midlands on route to Birmingham. I waited and then suddenly the Queen approached in her large saloon car. It was amazing as she passed us she waved to us all and we waved back with our union jack flags. I will never forget that moment and I still remember the occasion 62 years latter, a lasting memory. I pay tribute to a truly remarkable Queen who served her country with great honour, understanding, and humility." Philip Shore, UK, Grad IOSH

"These are the saddest days of our United Kingdom. We have lost our Queen, a shining example of loyalty and commitment and of someone who genuinely cared for her people. For those of a certain age, she has been there for a lifetime and will be sadly missed. For the younger generation who have never known any other monarch it will be a time of great sadness coupled with anticipation that a new King will bring. Of course our thoughts are with the Royal family at this time, having lost a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. May she rest in peace. God Save the King" Robert King, United Kingdom, Grad IOSH

"I had the privilege of meeting the Queen when I was 13. What a wonderful lady and a great Queen. You will be sorely missed as your work ethic and dedication was an inspiration to myself and I'm sure thousands more. Rest Easy with your beloved Philip. You have earned it. To the family. May you be comforted in knowing that your Queen has given her all and was adored by so many people." Steve Chesworth, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH 

"Proud to be British. Proud to have served. Thank you Ma'am. Long Live The King." Phil Cockton, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"I was only 8 years old in 1972, when I stood at road-side in Kuala Lumpur, as a student, to welcome the Queen to Malaysia. I still remember vividly to see a very elegant lady, smiling and waving back as she passed by me onwards to a welcoming ceremony at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I never forgot her from that day and always felt she had true compassion and love for fellow citizens of Malaysia. This is a great lost to world and us in Malaysia, may God Bless her with the haven doors. My thoughts are with her family to whom I extend my condolences at this sad time." Sohan Singh Nasib Singh, Malaysia, Tech IOSH

"Thank you for your steadfast service. You will be missed." Mark Holroyde, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"A truly inspirational woman that never faltered throughout her reign, she believed in the good of all people and never ever made comment or judgment in the wrong doings or the miss-judgement of others, including her own family. An example I believe we should all contemplate in order to make this world a better place. Rest in peace - the world is going to miss you. Xx" Andrew Jones, United Kingdom

"We do not mourn this great icon of our life time. We celebrate the Queen. It's often said that it's not how long a life is lived but how well it's lived. Queen Elizabeth II is specially blessed to have both. She lived long and she lived well in a life of dedicated services not only to the Common Wealth but to the whole world. She's being missed all over the world and will continue to be missed in years to come. But the Queen will never die. Her legacies live on. And I believe that God has given her a special place in his bossom in this well-deserved Eternal Rest. Rest in perpetual peace, Queen of our Commonwealth." Odo Simon Agbo, Qatar

"Condolence to the royal family. The Queen will be miss very much. Thank you for the extraordinary lives you gave to us." Ryan Geronimo, Philippines, CMIOSH

"Remembering Her Majesty's long service to our country. The stillness, the constant anchor in a turbulent sea. Thank you, Ma'am. Long live the King!" Robert Irwin, UK, CMIOSH

"I, and my family, are saddened at the passing of our great Queen Elizabeth II. I had the honour and privilege of meeting her at the presentation of my MBE for services to safety and health at work. She was very interested to learn about my work within the profession. Within her reign, health and safety has been transformed to a world leading standard within the UK and beyond by her governments. May she rest in peace." Roly Buss MBE, UK, Fellow

"An incredible loss to the family of Great Britain & the Commonwealth, always there, ever present in life and now in memory. The world will never see the likes of you again, but i really hope we do, because the world was a better place with you than without you." Anthony Fletcher, United Kingdom, Tech IOSH

"It is with great sadness we see your passing, you have been a constant beacon of dignity, sincerity and national pride. Your smile lit up a nation and I personally would like to say thank you for all you did, Rest in Peace and may God Bless you." Andrew  Hall, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"Deepest condolences to all the Royal Family. The Queen has been a constant in all our lives, I saw her in person when I was 8 when she visited my home town in 1977 - she was beaming. I thought it was awfully generous of her to give all the school children the silver jubilee coin - thank you, Queen Elizabeth. She is now with her husband and I hope she too will rest in eternal peace." Anne Isaacs, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"Condolence to the royal family. The Queen will be miss very much. Thank you for the extraordinary lives you gave to us." Ryan Geronimo, Philippines, CMIOSH

"Thanks for 70 years of great service." Colin Calderbank , United Kingdom

"Her majesty was a truly inspirational leader.. a figure head for the nation who was always there in good and not so good times, but led without complaint or any self interest.. perhaps the only leader capable of such outstanding behaviour.." Mark Anderson, United Kingdom

"RIP, our beautiful Queen Elizabeth II..you are in our memories forever" Vagif Mukhtarzade, Azerbaijan, TechIOSH

"Sincere condolences to your majesty the king and all the royal family on the sad loss of our gracious queen." Mike Cowie, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"I have only known one Queen my entire life. This will be different. In times of change and tumult, the Queen was a steady hand. I am sorry for her family in their loss. I am sorry for the citizens of the UK and Commonwealth for their loss. We just lost a great, wonderful and inspiring lady." Jonathan Henson, United States, CMIOSH

"I Deeply mourn the sad demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She was kind hearted and a great philanthropist for the whole world community with her great contribution towards peace and prosperity. She cherished the dream of poverty eradication and upliftment of poor. May she rest in Peace and I pray for her eternity. I join to convey my condolence with millions!" Manoj kumar Rayaroth, India, CMIOSH 

"35 years ago this month, i pledged an oath of allegiance to this country and to the Queen. I was deeply moved by her passing, i would like to pass my condolences to the Royal Family, and to pass praise to the Queen for her devoted service to our great country." Paul Westwood, United Kingdom, CMIOSH

"A person of integrity who set standards all should spire to. Sadly missed" Dale Banham, United Kingdom, CMIOSH 

"Thank you, your hard work, and resilience- rest in peace." Nicky Creasey, England, TechIOSH 

"Rest in peace Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, gratitude to the Queen’s seventy years of great service to the UK as well as the world, my deepest condolences to the Royal Family" Cheung Hing Thomas Chan, Hong Kong, Retired CMIOSH 

"I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our Queen. Queen Elizabeth II is the only Head of the Royal Family I have known. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person but know people who have and every one states what a wonderful caring person she was. Queen Elizabeth will be in my memories for ever. My heart and thoughts are with all her family at this sad time . We now look at a new beginning with King Charles III who I am sure will rule with the same integrity and passion as his Mum did. R.I.P Queen Elizabeth !!" Kevin Grayston, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

"I would like to send my condolences to the Royal family on this very sad occasion. The Queen played her role in the Good Friday agreement which brought about peace to the land of Ireland and also her visit to Dublin brought our two countries closer together and I thank her for that, may she rest in peace." Keith Murray Republic of Ireland

"Thank you for your service and always being there. God bless you and your family." Kevin Bray, England, CMIOSH 

"Thank you for being our loyal servant for 70 years. RIP Your Majesty" Philippa Lyon, England 

"I'm 61, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was always there, a constant for my entire life. Over the years I came to value her more and more because she did exercise a quiet authority over all. The fact that our armed forces swear allegiance to the Monarch and not the Prime Minister is really important and the fact that the Prime Minister acts with the grace of the Monarch even more so. You felt the Queen was there to add balance and wisdom and no matter what the ego of the politician, they all knew they had to explain themselves to her. We are very lucky to have that. There are many countries without that kind of mature statesmanship. I think the vast majority of people respected her and knew that she was absolutely devoted to her duty literally for life. Who else can say that for 70 years, who else has worked that hard for that long for the benefit of us all. For those that wonder about the benefits, look at the relations with and respect from other leaders for her and our country, the way she helped to showcase us and the way she epitomised what we all hold to be British Values and the way she helped to maintain our position in the world. We will all miss her in the years to come and it will be a long time before any British Monarch matches her stature. Thank you Ma'am for everything you did no matter what the cost, time and effort on our behalf." Max Fox, UK, TechIOSH 

"I would like to pass on deepest sympathies to the Royal Family at the passing of our monarch HRH Queen Elizabeth II. I would like to pass on deepest sympathies to the Royal Family at the passing of our monarch HRH Queen Elizabeth II." Isabel Armstrong, Scotland , CMIOSH

"I wish to pass on my deepest sympathy to the royal family on this sad occasion" Les Coultas, United Kingdom, TechIOSH

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