IOSH Awarding Organisation (AO)

IOSh awarding organisation coat of armsIOSH is an awarding organisation (AO) for occupational safety and health (OSH) qualifications. We've been recognised as an AO in England by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) since September 2021.

The AO is a part of the IOSH charity but is managed and administered by a separate team to further IOSH's charitable objects. It is responsible for:

  • designing, developing and awarding its regulated qualifications
  • accrediting study centres to deliver its qualifications.

The IOSH Awarding Organisation is accountable to our AO committee and to Ofqual.

The decision to become an AO is part of our vision for a safer and healthier world of work. The main aim is to develop and recognise the excellence and expertise of OSH professionals to improve global standards in the OSH profession, making sure it is fit for the future.

Relevant and accessible qualifications

We're committed to widening the market for OSH learning, reaching a diverse and global group of learners with the right choices for everyone. As part of this, we've signed the Federation of Awarding Bodies equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) pledge.

Rachel Wilson, head of the IOSH AO, said:

We are bringing new opportunities to suit diverse needs. It's about developing and delivering qualifications that can meet learners' needs and academic requirements for entry to IOSH membership.

The IOSH AO is developing new global qualifications at:

  • level 6 (equivalent to level 10 in Scotland and level 6 in Europe), and
  • level 3 (equivalent to level 6 in Scotland and level 4 in Europe).

These qualifications give equal balance to core and behavioural skills, as well as technical knowledge. Assessments are designed to enable professionals to apply this knowledge at work.

Rachel added: "Ofqual regulation gives learners confidence that the qualifications have been evaluated and quality-assured in a valid, fair and consistent way. For members, the key thing is they are intrinsically linked to their membership and professional journey, giving them a seamless way to join as a student member and work through to Chartered status.

"There are many established qualifications, and we want to offer what is most needed by the next generation of learners. As a leading OSH authority, the IOSH Awarding Organisation can ensure our qualifications are the most relevant, up-to-date and forward-thinking."

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Federation of Awarding Bodies. Equality, diversity and inclusion pledge 2023/24.