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New year, new you!

Date posted
02 January 2024
Marcus Boocock
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The coming 12 months is likely to be full of exciting opportunities and challenges to overcome. Of course, many people begin a new year determined to achieve things, so we asked some of our members what their ambitions are for 2024. Here’s what they said…

Ria Sooknarine, Governance Risk Compliance and ESG Lead, United Independent Petroleum Marketing Company, Trinidad & Tobago

In the upcoming year, my professional endeavours centre on furthering my expertise in environmental, social and governance (ESG) and health, safety and environment (HSE). Drawing from my experience with institutions like IOSH, I aim to drive significant impact in these domains. My aspiration is to spearhead comprehensive ESG initiatives and reinforce stringent HSE protocols within organisational frameworks.

I am driven to implement innovative sustainability strategies, integrate environmental considerations into business operations, and prioritise occupational safety standards. My goal is to cultivate a workplace culture that champions environmental responsibility and places utmost importance on employee welfare.

In 2024, I am dedicated to catalysing transformational changes in ESG and HSE paradigms, aiming to foster sustainable practices and contribute meaningfully to organizational growth aligned with global sustainability goals.

Abhijith Jose, Health and Safety Instructor, Drydocks World, Dubai

I want to dedicate more time to my CPD in 2024. In order to become a certified member, I intend to work on my membership upgrade.

In terms of education, I'd like to find out more about two particular subjects that interest me: crowd safety and event safety. In addition to learning more about auditing, I would like to become an IOSH-approved trainer.

As I am a member of the IOSH Future Leaders Steering Committee Group, I would like to advocate for safety as the first career choice and I intend to work towards earning my credentials as a Certified Instructional Trainer or Associate Safety Professional from BCSP. I would like to participate in events all year long where I may impart my skills.

Samantha Banfield, Environment, Health and Safety Advisor, Siemens

Mobility/Transpennine Route Upgrade West
This time of the year is great for reflecting on last year’s achievements, but also to work out what’s next. In 2024, I want to continue to learn and develop myself to ensure I can support those around me and in my teams.

A key goal will be to become Chartered with IOSH by the end of the year and enjoy the journey of it all on the way. In addition, I will also continue to try and give back to my industry colleagues. Whether in person, online or through the exciting upcoming events with the IOSH Railway Group.

Lastly, whilst I have some milestones for 2024, I will remember what I was once told, “be engaged but not attached to your ideas.” I want to remain open to the unexpected turns that the year ahead may bring.

Craig Foyle, Director, Foyle Safety and Management Ltd

For me, 2023 marked 25 years full time in OSH which still amazes me – I started when I was just 26 which was really young at the time. Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, I want to keep learning as my CPD means a lot to me. It is really important to keep up to date with what is happening not just now, but what’s next.

I am currently involved in projects with emerging risks and want to develop myself to understand them better. This may involve some specialist courses which I will embrace. I also want to keep in touch with my networks, committing time for conferences, seminars and actually going out to meet people too!

Finally, I am also looking to achieve a better work-life balance to enable me to maintain my high level of enthusiasm and commitment to those I work with and the wider OSH community.

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