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"Follow me," says new Fellow

Hard work pays off for Haridas during 15-year quest from Affiliate Member to Chartered Fellow

Date posted
10 June 2024
Graeme Mair
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Haridas Nambiar is encouraging others to aim for our top member grade after being one of the first to complete the new assessment route to Chartered Fellowship.

The new route sees applicants provide evidence of their excellence in practice and contribution through an online portfolio on Blueprint.

Haridas, who works for AG MELCO – Abu Dhabi, overseeing elevator and escalator works, also passed an interview.

Reflecting on this achievement, Haridas said: "More than just an accolade, being a Chartered Fellow represents a dedication to professionalism, quality, creativity and the improvement of occupational safety and health procedures.

"It places me in the exclusive group of occupational safety and health practitioners globally. My credibility is increased by this recognition, which also opens doors to more senior and significant responsibilities in the sector.

"It was my desire to hold Chartered Fellowship when I joined IOSH – and that dream has now come true."

Job role

On the assessment process, Haridas said: "Initially, there were some challenges in comprehending the IOSH requirements through the new criteria. Especially in writing the reflective account and collecting backdated supporting evidence.

"Once the process got underway, I found it really fascinating and began research to immerse myself in it with all my passion and energy.

"I carefully reviewed the guidelines and requirements, and created a thoughtful report with supporting documentation.  Most importantly, the road won't be as difficult if you are passionate about what you do."

Plan ahead

Haridas was a Chartered Member for around eight years before applying for his Fellowship. He believes it's never too early to start considering your route to the top membership grade.

"For those practitioners who want to become CFIOSH, I recommend that, regardless of your current membership status, you start thinking about Fellowship. Start dreaming it," he added.

"IOSH outline the basic requirements that all practitioners intending to apply must demonstrate in their portfolio and applications.

"There is no reason why a TechIOSH or GradIOSH member should not begin thinking about the requirements. You can start creating the appropriate documentation and evidence for Fellowship status."

Stay up to date

Haridas' highlighted the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) in occupational safety and health. 

He said: "CPD is important because it ensures that you remain competent in your profession and the process should continue throughout your career.

"I believe that people should go home safe and healthy from a good day's work and should be proud of what they have achieved. However, in many workplaces safety is managed as a separate process. It is largely disconnected from the business imperatives of production and profit.

"Health and safety is not a process of its own. It is an overall outcome of risk management, strategic decisions, legal compliance, performance and culture.

"IOSH is playing a vital role in developing and implementing a cultural twist in health and safety. Professionals need to enhance their managerial and technical skills and competencies in health and safety management."

Apply for Fellowship route

Interested in going for our top level of membership? Use our online form to begin the journey.

Last updated: 14 June 2024

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