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Meeting room A and B (one room)

Meeting rooms A and B can be combined to create a larger space for up to 40 people. It's ideal for presentations and collaboration days.

There's also the option of a boardroom table with rounded ends to fit more seats. With the pod layout, you can choose the number of seats around the tables.


Meeting capacity Price per day Price per half-day
10 £160 £100
20 £180 £113
30 £200 £125
40 £220 £138
100 £330 £206

All prices exclusive of VAT.

We can provide food and drinks for your meeting. Options range from teas, coffees and light refreshments to buffet-style lunches.

Each menu item is priced per head or per serving. You only pay for what you need, keeping waste to a minimum.

We can offer gluten-free, vegan and halal options.

Menu item Price
Tea and coffee £5.55 per head (full day), £3.25 per head (half day)
Orange juice (jug, serves six) £3.60 per jug
Biscuits 40p per head
Mini cake selection £1.50 per head
Mini pastries £1.60 per head
Fruit basket £1.75 per head
Fruit platter £3.60 per head
Breakfast rolls £3.70 per head
Sandwiches and crisps £8.20 per head
Cold buffet lunch £13 per head

All prices exclusive of VAT.