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IOSH logo usage

The IOSH logo is an important part of our identity, and we carefully control how it's used. Reproduction of the IOSH logo is carefully controlled to ensure that it is used in appropriate contexts and applications, as well as in the correct format and style.

This policy applies to both print and electronic media. The IOSH acronym, the IOSH mark and other elements of the corporate identity are trademarked and protected under copyright law. Misuse of the logo or contravention of the policy will be treated seriously and dealt with accordingly.

Full reproduction guidelines and logo configurations are available to authorised users in our logo pack.

Who is permitted to reproduce the IOSH logo?


For example:

  • collaborators in a project that we are formally involved in
  • organisers of events that IOSH is sponsoring or officially associated with
  • approved training providers.

The logo should only be reproduced with IOSH’s consent.

Usage is restricted to direct, specific references to the particular project, event or training programme. The logo should not be used to imply a broad or generic IOSH association.

Who is not permitted to reproduce the IOSH logo?

Individual members

The logo represents IOSH as a corporate body, regulated by a formal governance structure and incorporated by Royal Charter. It is therefore not appropriate for members to use the logo on an individual basis.

Members should not use the logo on stationery (including business cards), websites or other business and communication materials.

Members are encouraged to use their post-nominal letters and may, of course, state their full IOSH membership category wherever relevant.

Chartered Members are permitted to use a special version of the IOSH logo in certain circumstances – contact for details.

Permission to use the logo

If you'd like permission to use the IOSH logo, please get in touch so that we can confirm this and instruct you on how to use the logo correctly. We'll also need to make sure that the IOSH logo isn't going to be used to imply a broad or generic association with us.

If you need more guidance or a logo, please call IOSH on +44 (0)116 350 0700 and ask for the Brand and Design team, or email