Why offer IOSH training courses

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Were always happy to speak to you. You can call us on +44 (0)116 257 3100.

We make sure all our training solutions are regularly reviewed. This allows us to deliver the highest standards in practice with technical content and training techniques.

Benefits of being an approved training provider

Once you’ve been approved, the continued support we give is just one of the benefits of being an IOSH training provider:

  • Our course materials are the best available - keeping trainers well informed, updated and motivated
  • Our expertise ensures you'll deliver superior training which, means returns on investment for you and your clients
  • Our Quality Assurance Team uses National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development to benchmark good training and assessment practice - this gives reassurance to training providers, trainers and delegates
  • We have dedicated teams to help with technical training solutions, supporting you to maintain and raise quality standards.

The role of our Training Quality Assurance Team

We are here to help you with any aspect of delivering IOSH courses. Our team members are all qualified trainers or assessors wherever possible, and will travel to your premises to quality-assure your training. If we’re unable to visit you, there are options to speak online.

When we make our quality assurance checks, we will:

  • Ensure you are complying with our terms and conditions
  • Check your internal controls, processes, and guidelines against our standards
  • Look at your delegate feedback to make sure you’re on track with meeting their expectations
  • Look for accuracy and consistency if we’ve sampled your marked assessment papers - we can offer guidance to make you confident in meeting a consistent standard
  • Take a look at your training environment
  • Give you constructive feedback if we’ve observed a training session, sharing training best practice with you.